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    Well i was able to get my angle drive repaired and bought a new exhaust from Bill to vent my exhaust under the car now instead of out the side. Also installed the baffle kit to kill a bit of the noise.... So no exhaust smell in the passenger seat now and the wife can ride again with me! (My side exhaust and new fenders i put on recently was allowing a bit of exhaust into passenger area so i replaced the exhaust )

    Good that you did that. My angle drive failed on me over the weekend (2016.5 with 11,100 kms on it) and i'm 3-4 weeks past my warranty!! Uggg i should have extended it when i had a chance. (Although i have done so many mods not sure they would honor the warranty anyway!)

    Talk about timing! I jumped in my Sling in the garage yesterday, started it up and drove 20 miles north to the next county up to do some banking at my credit union of choice. When I came back out my Sling would not start. No lights, spool up or anything. A quick check of my pockets revealed that I did not have my Digital Guard Dawg fob with me. It was hanging on my key hanger in the house about 15 feet away from the Sling and was close enough to start the vehicle. I had tested this before and the vehicle would not start. It must be right at the effective limit. So I called my wife and she went home, verified that I left the fob behind, and texted me this page from the DGD manual. I tried 100 times but could not get the override to work so she had to drive the fob up to me. I honestly don't remember changing the code, and didn't write a new code down in the manual, so I'll call DGD today to try to troubleshoot. Here is page 16. If you want to use the code listed to steal my Sling, good luck! It will be changed when I get it to work. I highly recommend testing this procedure and memorizing the two digit code before you actually need it. This isn't going to help if your code is different. Maybe they all come with the same initial code - I doubt it.

    I got the same thing in my ss but i got my installer to do the install as he was installing all the other things. Seems i need to get my code from them just in case. I might just take a picture of this document cause i ain't going to remember these steps for sure! Good to know as i only have one fob and concerned that the fob battery will fail at some point. Can you order another fob for these units. I looked where i bought it and they only sell the kits? kev ?

    Thanks FunCycle for the specifics on using the Welter exhaust with the Optima battery. I will keep this in mind if i purchase this exhaust.

    SaltyClownNY thanks for the information about your config and your current situation with your top and exhaust. I will look into placing the metal strip somehow on the side to disrupt the air flow. I suspect if i can figure out something it will work but might look weird on that side of the ss.

    I have an exhaust fumes problems with my side exit Hahn Exhaust.

    Fumes were ok when i had the stock fenders but of course i have the much improved stickerdick fenders now and well the misses and myself do get the exhaust way more.

    So what to I do?

    1. Revert back to the old fenders?

    2. Modify the pipes to point down instead of straight out the side?

    3. Do a welter exhaust side exit, and some other header i think?

    4. I think one or two people on this purchase did use a different exhaust than what Hahn provided and have the stickerdick fenders as well. I would be interested in hearing from them on. SaltyClownNY ? or Casey_SS ?

    I also think that Funinthesun mentioned that the Welter side exhaust may not work if you have the Optima (Yellow) battery which i also have so just looking for suggestions with this in mind.

    Thanks all in advance! (I want to get anything ordered asap as my sun lasts for a limited time up north! Plus a happy wife means a happy life and right now the ss toy is not useful to her! (Well kinda good for me but well perhaps not long term)

    Well i bought me one of those American Tesla Model 3 Performance models (This replaced my gas guzzling Dodge Charger SRT 8 (19 litres per 100km or 12mpg)) so the price changes don't effect me as much as i only have to feed the SS these days!

    Please include me on this purchase! I have not mounted my GoPro as i don't want to lose it to failed tape or some type of mickey mouse brace.... I bought a number of mount types from GoPro and Amazon and nothing does the job for me or if it does work it doesn't look good on the roll bars!

    Turbo is installed and working. However on occasion when starting it takes up to three times to start the motor. Shop can't figure it out. They disconnected the turbo and the motor fires up on the first attempt each time. They reconnect the turbo and sometimes it can take three start attempts to get it running. Once running the turbo operates as expected. So a bit of a mystery.

    Are quick releases street legal? I thought they were restricted to race tracks? I would like to get one but after reading our Motor Vehicle Regulations in Canada at least i'm not sure I can use this on the street.