Stage 1 Turbo Kit for Polaris Slingshot by DDMWorks $2995

  • We are really excited to release our latest forced induction kit for the Polaris Slingshot, our Stage 1 kit!

    This kit is designed to give a lot of performance for the most affordable price. We worked a lot on making sure this kit was going to be easy to install, provide a big punch of power and also be customizable to your Slingshot.…ris-Slingshot-_p_905.html

    Some key features of the Stage 1 kit include -

    - Custom DDMWorks 2871 Turbo

    - Easy 6-7psi of boost producing 270HP at the rear tire (depending on exhaust options).

    - Internally wastegated turbo using genuine Borg Warner boost actuator.

    - Multiple exhaust Options ranging from our DDMworks shorty exhaust (2.5" front exit in stock location) Welter rear dual or rear sidekick exhaust!

    - Mandrel bent aluminum tubes with smooth bends (no weld marks) for the best airflow, power and aesthetics.

    - Custom DDMWorks intercooler and mount specifically designed for the Slingshot.

    - Color options!! the charge tubes can be done in the standard black or red. For an additional charge we can offer you full custom Slingshot powdercoat colors to match your ride.

    - Plug and play 2 Bar MAP sensor for accurate fueling with MAP clip included.

    - Upgraded NGK spark plugs that are 1 step colder.

    - Water cooled turbo with Stainless braided hoses and AN fittings (no rubber hoses).

    - Stainless braided oil drain line and oil supply to the turbo (no rubber hoses).

    - DDMWorks Turbo tune included in the price of the kit, designed to run on 91 octane or better.

    - Online, phone and text tech support available for questions when ordering or during installation.

    - No additional engine internal parts needed for install, the kit includes everything you need.

    - Kit will be available from all of our dealers including Slingmods, Slingshotonly, etc.

    - ECM's can be sent to our location in South Carolina for flashing or to California, whichever is more convenient for you.

    - We can install this kit at any event we attend, and have the ability to flash the ECM on site!

    - We can supply a new oil pan with welded in oil drain fitting and oil pan gasket to make installation easier.

    The base kit price in Black or Red powdercoat, 2.5" race exhaust, everything needed for full install is $2995

    First batch of kits will be shipping the week of July 8th.…ris-Slingshot-_p_905.html

    If you are going to be at Homecoming this week, stop by, we are doing another install while we are there!

    Any questions? Just let us know!


  • $3000, can I get a $2000??? Anybody? Anybody for $2000? Going once... Twice... 🤡

    We might have a couple used kits from other vendors very soon :)

    We know someone is working on the $2000 kit, we got some spy shots of it being dyno tested :) They say it has the most power of any engine out there!