Hahn Turbo – Installation, support and general comments

  • SaltyClownNY Did you have to cut a bit of material from the hood to get hood to close over the Hahn Air Intake.

    no. I do believe that there was one other that had that problem, but they realized that the trey was mounted incorrectly. They may want to check that.

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  • no. I do believe that there was one other that had that problem, but they realized that the trey was mounted incorrectly. They may want to check that.

    After selling my NA Hahn CAI, I tried to install my turbo airbox from memory and inadvertently mounted it too high. When I went to shut my hood, I pressed down to check the hood latches and starred my hood! I wasn't a happy camper when I realized what I had done. Properly installed the airbox shouldn't hit the hood. I replaced the stiffer rubber molding Hahn supplied with some 1.25" x 1.25" foam insulation normally used for sealing around window AC units. I prefer the softer foam as I believe it seals more easily to the hood w/o any undue pressure on the hood.

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  • Now the question is, are they making any adjustments and if so, to the piggyback? Are you in stage 2x for that? I would think not. I believe Bill claimed 250 HP at the wheel. DDM was saying they were getting on average 12.5 HP for each PSI of boost. Bills was pushing peak of 8 for the stage 1, so that "should" give you between 80-100 HP added to the machine. I believe stock is 176... I think... So it should be a peak of 256-276HP at the wheel. My take is that Bill may have been on the "safe" side and probably didn't put that much time into the tune... don't know that, but a hunch. If you put stage 2, it will push it to just under 10, so should add another 20-25HP. I was hoping that someone could verify Bills tune.

    I can't see the entire graph, but looks like the stock is coming in at just under 150HP at the wheel? Is that the case? If that is true, then the system is pushing an added 90HP, so 11.25/PSI. Almost what DDM was claiming. This is all assuming you are at stage 1 though.

    Thanks for the info!

    Which AEM FIC tune file was used for the posted Dyno graph?
    There was the original tune and a modified tune file that I pushed Bill hard to get done.

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  • Okay so turbo is in but now getting an engine error of 106 3 error code. Thinking currently is to replace the one bar map sensor to a new one or move to 2 bar map sensor. Based on this ECU config moving to a 2 bar map sensor requires a 500 Bob trip i think it might be best to keep with a one bar map sensor. In another thread thought it might be that i have the modified stereo and its not directly connected to the battery that might cause this but don't know.

  • Codes 3 and 4 for 106 are usually just junk codes. They usually happen when riding at elevation above 5-6k feet.

    If AFRs are good, I wouldn't worry much about either code.

    Remember with 5 repetitive starts and stops of the machine with the ECM not seeing the "issue", it will clear the check engine light from the dash. This trick helps in diagnosing these odd issues.

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  • Wow, i like the turbo! Its way too easy now to speed plus i see a couple new rear tires coming my way when spring/summer arrives next year! Still need to learn to drive it (spool) but love the push back in the seat feeling when you engage the other part of the motor available with the turbo. Thanks everyone in the forum for providing useful insights into the turbo in general and tips/help about this specific turbo. I have some fenders yet to paint and install and will post pictures of my project after that. Now just gotta keep saying to myself, no more mods!!!!