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    If you get a ride come in and work with earlier models such as 2015 please start a new thread 2015 to 2017 ride command upgrade . Sure would help trying to go through all the text messages and if people just limit your responses to the upgrade that would also help.

    Mine is a 2017. Some things don't work with ride command, but nothing you can't do without. I like Ride Command, but there are definitely issues with them. What sold me on Ride Command? - Water proof, - getting more info on check engine lights when they happen, - UI

    Still hearing about people with volume issues with Ride Command at high volumes. Has anyone taken theirs back to dealer for this and do they replace the amp? Was looking to see if the new 2020 software was backwards compatible with the older one and I guess not. Wasn't sure if the 2020 uses the same amp though. Anyone?

    FINALLY got all my wiring to work to eliminate the Ride Command amp in a 2017 slingshot. Some have reported even on newer models that the Ride Command amp cuts out on them. Mine did too. Finally figured out (I believe) what was causing it or at least some of the puzzle. Power issues. Problem is, as I figured, you loose some of the options on the stereo. O' well. It definitely sounds better with a better amp. Chose to use a Matrix. Have to see. Wish it was smaller.

    Awesome ride yesterday, but had a good amount of sputter from the engine over 5000 feet. I had thought that having the secondary ECU was to prevent that as it had it's own system. We were on it fairly hard, but noticed the AFR numbers started to dip a bit. Was in the 11-12 with RPMs up over 4000. Engine temp was a bit high as well at 215. First time I've gotten a sputter or it backfiring. Not sure if others have had similar issues.

    I get exhaust in the thing now, but only after installing a top. I too have the MadStad 13", but also have the Welter duel rear exit exhaust. I'm still getting gas fumes from the engine bay, but that's a different issue. I know the Hahn turbo runs very rich too. Was the top that did it with the exhaust. Will have to mess with it in the next few weeks.

    Couple things I would try...

    I too have a Welter exhaust. Duel rear and I also have a yellow top battery. No issues, but FunCycle - all good points.

    I was down in Maggie last year when Welter introduced the "fix" for fumes. VERY expensive for some plastic pieces that taped onto the bottom of the sling. Not sure if anyone can speak to their success or not, but I heard a few people were loosing them as they fell off down the road. All it was were 3 pieces of 45deg. angle plastic pieces that moved the air downward as you drove. I didn't experience any issues, so never purchased them... until NOW. I put a top on the sling and now getting the smell. I actually don't mind it, but may have eaten too many paint chips when I was a kid too.

    My fix will be to try a piece of rubber door molding. They sell it at Home Depot where it's metal stip with a piece of rubber mounted at a 45deg. angle on it. Get a 5 foot strip and mount it along the bottom of the sling to do the same thing, but at least if the rubber hits something, it will give a bit and I'm sure the faster I go the more it will flatten out which I won't be smelling it anyway with more airflow.

    Now in your case, your's is coming out the side. I wonder if a piece of the same molding up front mounted in just the right spot would solve the issue? May be worth a try. It's something similar to this, but I know I've seen them at a 45 deg. angle....…oor-Sweep-A79SN/301161844

    The entire principle was to disrupt the airflow a bit under the sling. I'm traveling home this weekend and will be fitting my sling with one. If I can't find the 45deg. one, I'll have to make one. I have a siding break at the house and can make something I'm sure.

    So because I'm cheap, I try and only buy things when on sale LOL. So last black Friday, we got a top... yeah, I know... Finally got most of it installed around Christmas and then finished it last week. Takes me a bit to do things!

    We don't really like tops on the sling. Up here in NY, you want to stay warm in the sun. Got the new stingray so that we drive with it open or closed. Needed a top which mounted to the top of the roll hoops too as my helmet hits everything that mounts below it.

    Anyway, here is. Also got my humps on!

    Good question Slingrazor. Thing is, I've never had to use a battery charger on it. I know they have ones that are made for the Optima and I know I don't have that. Now the battery tender that I have is I think fairly standard. I don't know if they have to be a certain type, but my guess was no... could be wrong. What I do know is that it's been running OK after this, but my fear is turning around and doing 1600 mile ride with it down to TN and having something go wrong. I have a few things I have to do to it though. I noticed the water pipe for coolant is touching the wrap around the muffler pipe the other day. Problem is I'm going to have to try shifting the entire motor over to fix it. Has to happen though as I noticed there are some paint scuffs on the blower for the turbo where it's tapping on the frame and that needs to stop too.

    Thoughts on the battery tender? I need to look into the ground. I replaced a lot of stuff last year, but I'm still using the factory ground post which I don't like too much.

    yeah, that's the thing. No real corrosion on the terminals. One has a wing nut on the top of it for things like the battery tender. The wing nut has a bit of corrosion, but everything else looks clean. Winters where we are can be very wet air though.

    Thanks all for input!

    so here's one other piece of detail. I pulled the battery and had it tested. Tested out fine. It's an optima yellow top. Now I know the post clamps were on there good and tight. I always worry about cranking down on them too much, but couldn't budge them. A few things changed. One, I totally disconnected the battery and two, the guy at the shop cleaned the terminals prior to testing with a wire brush. Put it back in and it started up just fine. So I'm left with thinking this is my issue and loose wire, but really pissing me off as I know everything was tight. So is there anything at all that could do this? It's almost like a relay wouldn't turn over or something. Maybe disconnecting the battery entirely reset something. I can own an id 10 T error too, but WTHell.

    Thanks airoutlaw. Was thinking I should have gotten *something... even week headlights though. Not just a flash and nothing. I have an Optima yellow top battery. Thinking my son unplugged my battery tender this winter, but don't know how long it was unplugged. Was running fine for most the day. I'm wondering if my alternator is working correctly... hummmm.

    Not sure if anyone has had this issue or not, but drove to the store and when I came out, turn the key and I get a flash of the power button, but nothing else. I wouldn't think this is the battery as I'm not getting anything, even week lights. It's a flash of the power button and then everything is just off. Thoughts? I checked what fuses I can and everything looks good. So much for the first driving day of 2019. Anyway... any help much appreciated.

    I did end up changing the Ride Command secondary amp harness around in the last few weeks. Had a customer that needed one built 12 feet long to run the amps to the rear hump and had issues. Worked with him and made some modifications for a much better product that solved all of the issues. I don't think anyone would notice any sound difference on the shorter 6-7 foot runs, but going to stay with the modifications as it's just a better product now. Hoping for some other stereo mods soon.

    Going home this week to hopefully get the sling on the road in NY. Will hopefully be brining it down to Tennessee in mid May to go over to Maggie Valley. Some may think it's a sin, but ended up getting a trailer hitch on the Camaro to possibly pull the sling behind it. Do what we have to LOL. Did do some mods this winter and will need to take some pictures when I get it out of the garage. Looking forward to seeing folks end of May!

    I got the quick jack, but not sure I'll be keeping it. We should be moving from NY to Tennessee later this year and when I do, I'm making sure I have a large garage and putting a lift in it. Quick Jack is nice, but just not sure it's something I want right now. Will have to let folks know when I do get rid of it as I'm sure folks are always looking.

    I get the O2 off as well, but ONLY when I'm driving for long periods and the RPS's are consistently the same. Once I start giving it gas and moving, it's fine. Odd thing is, The AFR says all is good. I'll have to check for any leaks, but shouldn't be an issue. Other than that, I haven't had an issue with the machine. Still love the Turbo and glad I went the rout I did. Looking forward to seeing all down at Maggie this year again!

    Thanks for the additional info kev . Now what KayTwo was saying... or how I took it is that Scott also owns them. Or that is how I took it. Which also explains why Madstad has no issues with the above mentioned deal. Hopefully I'm putting that together properly.

    Honestly, I don't know how Jeff's management is, but what I have always favored and respected was his customer service and support. He makes good products and he always seems to be ready with product, so hopefully all of that continues into his new ventures which I can't see why it wouldn't.