• Curious what fellow Canadians do when they put the SS away for the winter?

    16 Black Pearl, passenger seat relocation brackets, garage door opener, Viper alarm with GPS, 1320 performance header and adjustable exhaust, teeth grill, hood pads, upgraded sound system, Sling Lenz V2.0, Alpha shock covers, Twist Dynamics CAI, Twist Dynamics Silicone Coolant Hoses, Twist Dynamics 9" adjustable windshield, Twist Dynamics coil cover, brake light flash modulator.... and more

  • Check your anti freeze, make sure your wash fluid is topped up and check your wipers. I also fill the tank up with the highest test gas and start it a couple times during the winter. Make sure the car is in gear and your emergency brake is off. If you want you can block your wheels. Put a full charge into your battery or remove it and keep it warm and off the concrete. Kiss your car good winter and cover. You may also want to see about any recalls and get them done before the snow as the SS doesn't do to well in even a half inch of the white stuff. That is as much as this carpenter does.