"To Visor or not to Visor?"

  • A sun visor is one of those things that may not be used much.. but when it's needed it's a godsend! :) Whatta' ya guys think about this sun visor system? We installed it today and have some units on the way to us. It installs using a rubber coated hose clamp and mounts around the side frame bars of the Bullet, Twist and Fab Factory Tops. (fits any bar diameter from 1 1/4" to 2") It Takes about 5 minutes to install and has a 4-way adjustable system that allows you to block just about anything the sun can throw at ya. It also has tension knobs that allows you to tighten the movement of the visor to your desired tension! Let us know your thoughts! More information can be found here: Polaris Slingshot Sun Visor

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  • I like the visor idea for sure. I have a Twist roof with a Wink mirror mounted on the front bar. Will the visor fit with the mirror?
    Edit - I see it mounts from the side, so the Wink shouldn't be an issue.