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    when i've had bevers that were trap wise i would go to the pond just before dark, take a stick and hit the water hard two or three times then sit back and wait -- the stick hitting the water sets up a vibration and the bevers will come around to see whats happening -- do not use a 22 use something that has some balls -- a great shot at a bever swimming to you is hold just under the nose, if you shoot to high it will hit him in the head if to low the concussion will kill him --

    A friend of mine was thinking about buying a sling -- I let her drive mine then took her to the local dealer -- she ended up spending a little over $30,000 ( including tax, tags and a few extras) CASH -- two days later polaris came out with the referal thing -- the dealer said he would not honor it because it was " not in effect at the time of purchase" my sling is a 16 and I will be getting a new one in a year or so -- guess where I won't be going to buy --

    Other than the great ride and handleing the Cheetah has the biggest thing about me buying one was the fact that the raidiator was in the rear, even with the headers where they are you can feel almost no heat when stopped and none while riding. We tried out every V-8 we could get a hold of and both decided we wouldn't get a trike with the raidiator and fans in the front -- even the Renegade with the fire wall in front of you was like sitting in a oven in 80+ degree heat, I can't imagine being stuck in traffic.

    I run 15lbs of air in the rear tires, no i don't have any ride vids of the Cheetah ( I'm not that good with the video side of things )

    Thank you, it just turned 25,000 miles and in case your wondering it gets 18 miles to a gallon of gas (at 120 miles you need to start looking for a gas station) but we didn't get it for the gas mileage. ;)

    I have a friend that used wire staples ( just put a little bend in them) I have been told by 2 state troopers that it is against the law to put someone in danger -- so I asked what about putting me in danger when they tailgate ( no answer ) If you got caught with staples or jacks on your ride then you would be screwed -- its kind of hard to prove where the rocks came from

    thats a pretty common problem where I live -- I have always carried a pocket full of marble sized rocks in my left hand pocket while on the 2 wheeler, I have a pouch on the right hand side of the sling in front of the drivers seat where I keep the rocks. When I get a jerk that just won't back off a simple toss of a rock over your shoulder usually gets them in the windshield -- its amazing how quick they back off.

    I've had one for about a year now --most of the time i have it disconnected ( the kids use it when they come over) the bitch starts talking for no reason, starts playing songs for no reason -- other than getting the days weather first thing in the morning she's a real pain in the ass -- this is just my opinion of the one I have