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  • Heh dare byz. See ya got one of dem kewl rides yuno. Nova Scotia. Miss it sometimes. I was posted to Greenwood during the later Argus days. 73-80. Can't beat the sound of 4 3350's doing a run up. Back then my ride was a 1973 Norton 850. last of the right hand shifters. Maybe hook up for a ride when you are this way. Tom.

    • Where are you nowadays??

    • No Auroras for you??

    • I got out just as they were phasing the new Lockeed in. CAF would still be flying the CP 107 if they still made 115/145 av gas. There were times when we would be stranded in Bermuda, Portugal waiting for fuel. Having to spend a few extra days with all those bikinis on mopeds was pure hell. Ah, The disco era, remember it well. Moved here to Fl. in 1984. Deltona, same house since 1990. Bringing down any Brador witya this trip, hehe.

    • Zephyrhills for us. Maybe 1 1/4 hours away from you - depending on I4 traffic through Orlando. Tho sometimes I take the toll road to Sanford, etc. I haven’t had Brador for years. Ten Penny was my brew many years ago!

    • SR17 to SR46West, then SR441West, HWY19 South, to HWY50 West, to 301 South to the Big Z. 115 miles 2 1/2 Hrs. I stay off the interstates especially I-4 Orlando CONSTRUCTION. Better to have to clean the bugs off the windshield Than a car off the rear tire.

  • Lowlander - you coming to SSITS? I was working a project up in Charlottetown PEI. Did not realize we had an SS brother up that way.

    • No I won't be going. Just got home from wintering in Fl (and picking up my new SS a few days after arriving) so will do my riding in Atlantic Canada this summer. However my intention is to trailer the SS to Fl in the fall so we can enjoy using it in the winter. But I do appreciate you asking!! Rob

    • NP. I did see a red SS on the island last summer. Guy was weari g a batman helmet!!