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    slingmods a question about this, in the manual, it states that engaging the cruise turns off the Pedal Commander, and I didn't test this, but does that also apply to eco mode?

    It would make sense that eco mode would be useful with the cruise for highways.


    Hey Wokka, great question. My guys have the Slings in pieces as usual for videos, so i'm unable to test this for you. You guys will probably figure this out before me. Please let me know if you do! Thx.

    Hey Guys, just got back from Pedal Commander Headquarters. I was speaking with the owner and they said they're working on the ability to be able to "customize" the names of the 4 modes in the phone application. So you could essentially name the modes what you want. Ex: Hold On Tight, Ludicrous, etc. I don't have an eta.. but it is in motion.. so I thought i'd share. Once available it will simply be an app update.. so all existing customers will eventually have this.

    I'm right there with ya.. It honestly doesn't make sense how much of an improvement it makes. It's like an entirely different machine. I'm glad you guys understand now why I was so excited. Lol.

    Great points. I received an email from Pedal Commander that the serial#'s were sent to the factory in Turkey. I would imagine if not done already that the app screen should match in the next few days if doesn't already. You would need to completely close the app and re-open to test. They also informed me that on the next app update they're going to have a toggle to change your app screen on your own. So that issue will be resolved. :)

    Seriously - I don't know how slingmods managed to do it, but this group buy price is a huge discount

    If anyone is really thinking about this I strongly suggest you don't wait until its too late


    This Pedal Commander falls under "MAP" policy, which means it can only be advertised for $299.99. Without stirring up the pot, we had a "whistle blower" call Pedal Commander and complain were were offering this group buy price to you guys. I won't name names.. so please don't ask. Long story short.. we were given permission to continue this sale price until Nov 1st. So yes.. if you like the reviews of your fellow members and think this mod is for you please take advantage of the sale, as this retail price will not be seen again, and of course thank you to all of you for your support throughout the years.

    I was personally blown away to see that almost every single group buy order was a repeat customer of ours. It's a testament to the solidity of the group here and we're grateful to have been a part of it since day one!

    So on an unrelated question for those that are trying this out (hope to have mine in tonight) on the topic of settings. I was curious to see if it would easily turn off to be able to compare or run without it, obviously that question was answered. Does the eco mode give it more lag per say than what the slingshot has without the controller on? Hopefully that question makes sense. I guess I'm trying to understand if even eco mode has more response than the controller off or if the controller off lies somewhere between eco and city?

    Hello, the first time you power the device it will load into "city" mode. You can then press the yellow star icon to cycle to sport, then sport+, then off. The only way to access "eco" mode is hold down the yellow star. ECO mode is not recommended for city driving as it actually "delays" pedal response. Eco was only intended to maximize MPG on long highway drives.

    Hello BigDog, we have a full customer service team standing by to work with any and all customers with any issues that may arise on any of the products we sell. Please contact my customer service manager Chris at any time for problem resolution! We're here to help. Thank you.

    ...Ok so it arrived a day earlier, had a chance to wrap , shrink and trim some Gorilla clear packaging tape around it to protect it from the wet elements and then placed it out of sight , cell phone app is good enough for me...Tomorrow ill get a chance to play with it....

    Ahhh. that's a cool mounting location!

    UPDATE: The 2015/16 models are now SOLD OUT! You can still purchase at the group buy price until Nov 1st.. but there will unfortunately be a small waiting period for those years. Still awaiting update from MFG on the delivery date of our next batch.

    We do still have a handful of 17+ models in stock and ready to ship!


    UPDATE: The 2015/16 models are now SOLD OUT! You can still purchase at the group buy price until Nov 1st.. but there will unfortunately be a small waiting period for those years. Still awaiting update from MFG on the delivery date of our next batch.

    We do still have a handful of 17+ models in stock and ready to ship!


    First they said DO NOT Change settings while driving because it could throw a code.

    Second, I asked this before without a reply... can the app or unit be hacked because it’s bluetooth?

    If your driving in bumper to bumper traffic and it suddenly goes into race’re screwed...

    It's the same as any bluetooth connection. Your phone needs to be in pairing mode and within device range to accept the connection. This is a one time deal to achieve this. Once a bluetooth connection is made with a smartphone it's always remembered and connects unless you physically click "unpair" or "forget device".

    That's fantastic! I knew you were gonna love it. I spoke with Pedal Commander on the "phone app template" looking slightly different than the physical module face plate.This is actually being fixed and will automatically be updated for all customers that are using the phone app. The phone app template is linked to the serial# on each unit.. so they sent the factory in Turkey all of our initial 200 unique serial#'s so that the phone app face plate will be indentical to the module. Hope that made sense. Lol.

    I'd like to clarify that this does not affect functionality, it is simply a visual thing for those using the Bluetooth Phone Application!

    Just like constantly running on high idle....

    I predict shortened engine life and more clutch replacements....

    I have not seen where it says it changes the idle - link please - and for this specific device not some other brand

    thank you

    I think Bigdog may be referring to when i said this...

    "A good example of how the gas pedal will respond is if you're parked on the side of the road in neutral and press the gas pedal to 3k rpm and click the dial up (+1) you'll instantly see the slingshot jump to 3,200 rpm, (+2) 3,400 rpm, etc.. These are examples of the logic.. not the actual results."

    The system does not effect idle RPM. I was simply explaining the logic behind how the increase in sensitivity alters the voltage signal of the pedal response. It's a very difficult thing to explain in writing. 10 seconds behind the wheel is all you need. Lol. We have 20+ members that have redeemed the group buy coupon so far. We'll have a great amount of community feedback here shortly.

    Please also note that this is not new technology created solely for the Slingshot. Pedal Commander sells an estimated 60,000 units annually across hundreds of car variations including UTV's. I think there tech is already a proven success. The only question that remains is if its endorsed by the Slingshot community "after" real world testing, not speculation!

    Update: Hey Guys.. just an update we only have 7 left on the 15/16 model integration. I would assume those will sell out over the weekend. We have more on order but Pedal Commander is at a show in Laughlin Nevada this weekend. I'll have more details on the next batch when they return. Thanks!