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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Hello Lewis, I apologize on behalf of my company on you how you were spoken to. As our company grows, so does our staff. We diligently put forth our best efforts to instill our code of ethics into each individual employee… but we can’t possibly monitor every response before it’s sent. Believe me, I wish I could.

    We previously delegated the recruit of new business opportunities to a few staff members... that apparently need a bit more training.

    We do appreciate your business as a customer, respect your integrity as a philanthropist and are glad to see others entering into the aftermarket parts arena to keep the Slingshot alive and moving forward!

    Although, the message was sent in poor taste… I think the attempt was to reach out to you to see if you were interested in expanding distribution on your products. We can respect the fact that you have chosen to work with only 1 distributor at this time and do honestly wish you the best in your endeavors.

    If you decide to open up distribution on your products at a later date, we’re open for discussion!


    What makes this a scratch and dent? lol. Seems like it would happen during an install?

    It was returned by a customer and came back with some small scratches on the sides and backside of the enclosure. We seldom get returns on this item.. just thought i'd throw it out there for ya as another option! :)

    Wondering for those that have it worth the money? I have the sub in the door and have had to essentially rebuild it a few times due to vibrations, either the seal comes loose, or the lock up top just vibrates off and essentially breaks the seal. With that being said, I am wondering if it's worth the money to get the SSV sub box?

    Hello, I just added one to our "Scratch & Dent Section" at additional savings if you're on the fence! product&product_id=3453&vehicle=3

    When you think what mods can I do to my Polaris Slingshot... a passenger side grab handle cover probably isn't first on the list. With that said.. this little mod packs a big visual punch and adds substantial comfort for the passenger when holding on for dear life as you tear up the canyons. This grab handle cover pairs very nicely with our marine vinyl e-brake boot and shift boot. The marine vinyl grab handle cover is offered in a variety of stitch colors to compliment your color scheme and at just under $20.. you really can't go wrong. Installation takes 30 seconds and simply zips in place for a sleek look that your passenger will thank you for.

    More information about this product can be found here: Polaris Slingshot Passenger Side Grab Handle Cover

    Take a look at our installation video and let us know if you are able to beat Brandons Personal Best! ;)

    For those that are on the fence about the Stinger roof top or haven't bought one yet, we now offer a full custom builder for the Stinger Roof System! The patent pending Stinger top design has revolutionized the Polaris Slingshot Aftermarket Roof options by eliminating bulky and obtrusive roll bars with absolutely NO up front support structure. This equates into a clear line of sight of the road ahead, almost as if there was no roof at all. The Stinger roof top system mounts to your stock Polaris Slingshot roll hoops and is supported between the driver and passenger seat with a heavy duty center brace. It's literally strong enough to stand on! (no joke). Dual Flip-up canopies easily lift up and out of the way, so you can easily enter the cockpit without awkward bending, twisting or ducking. If you wanna go topless, no problem. Both of the lightweight canopies unlock and slide right off the center of the Stinger. The Stinger top is also height adjustable to accommodate even the tallest riders with helmets. The Stinger really sets itself apart with the included overhead panel LED courtesy lights (separate switch and light per side), these will provide ample night time interior lighting for both you and your passenger when needed.

    More information about this product can be found here: Polaris Slingshot Stinger Roof Top by Twist Dynamics

    I wouldn't call this a sale. A sale is when you pay less then advertised price. The "sale price" is more then listed price. Let's hope this is an error.

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    Hello Rnj, that is a closeout product that only works with Slingshots that have the "single axle nut" and "have not had the double nut" recall done. An almost non-existent customer base. We bought out Henry at Alpha's Stock and had that particular item on "CLOSEOUT" pricing because they don't sell. The Black Friday Sale Pricing is a "pricing" override algorithm that Josh wrote that overrides every single retail price on the site. There are a few anomaly closeout items that i personally discounted below our actual cost and were overwritten with the Black Friday Sale Pricing.. but very, very few. This happens to be one of them.

    Thats because its a drop down price you are doing. You could remove the drop down and go to the product page itself and add it in that way for the discounted price.