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  • greetings, i purchased your dual headlight conversion kit for the 2017 model. i am having some fitment issues with the housings. i did send an e mail through your web site, and spoke with a woolard on the phone, very nice fellow also. i done what he asked which was to make sure nothing was blocking or hanging on head light cover. i have fooled with this for nearly 8 hours today and i can not find any problems to why they will not fit. i have taken pictures so maybe you can see what i am talking about. let me know if i can send them here or how to please. thank you John

    • Hey John,

      Could you take some pictures and PM it on over to us and we can look further into this for you and get them working for you!

    • Thank you for replying, I just finished up. I had to remove the blinker assembly and kind of bend the headlight shrouds to fit over the bolt holes. as soon as i figure out how to PM you some pictures i will do so.

  • Wanted to publically thank the people at sling mods for taking care of my faulty sling bladez light issue. Thank you guys....I've been very happy with everything I've purchased from you so far...

  • Please check the recent thread postings by you and I.
    We have some misunderstanding. I did not intend it to appear that I was complaining about SlingMods (It was Slingshot Only that had let me down and you had succeeded).

    I am so sorry if it came over the wrong way and had no intention of it looking like that.

    Please let me know if I can do anything to rectify the mistake.

    • No worries at all Paul, we just wanted to make sure, we didn't think you were saying anything negative towards us. Thank you Paul!

  • Order ID: 14159 PRP suspension seats received, on the bottom part of one seat is a small rip in a seam, what can be done solve this issue?

    • Hello, mytoy. We'll happily take care of this for you. I think I heard one of the guys talking to you today about this. If not.. call it in my friend, we gotcha covered!

  • Hello, I purchased some PRP seats from you a couple months ago, and wonder how I can go about getting a firmer bottom cushion. I had posted on the other site about it when I first received them, and tried adding a cushion but it still feels like all the padding just compresses to nothing after a few minutes. I don't need it to be taller if possible, just more firm/dense foam. I have the tag that came with the seats if you need the number off of it. The number is 29593 S. My order would have been under Stephen McCalvin. Would they be able to just send a different cushion, or would I need to send the bottom seat to them?


    • Hello Stephen, sorry for the delay.. we've been unable to login. Please give us a ring about this Stephen.. we'll be happy to try and find a solution for you on this.