Hahn RaceCraft's exciting new Daytona Beach facility!

  • Announcing Hahn RaceCraft’s exciting new Daytona Beach facility!

    I’d like to introduce everyone to our new complex in Daytona Beach. We moved here late last year with the intention of relocating our business from its previously remote rural location to wonderful Daytona Beach, one of the world’s motorsports capitals. We sought not only the superb resources and networking this area offers for a business like ours, but more importantly, the access to a 20-times larger employee base. The results so far have been nothing short of superb. In mere months, we have staffed our new facility with excellent people, a goal which had regularly eluded us when we were way out in the middle of nowhere. Now we are trained up, built up, and ready to serve Slingshot fanatics not only in the greater Florida region, but world-wide via our mail order operations.

    Here, we’ve built what I feel is our most evolved and well-equipped complex ever. Our location is on an historic Daytona thoroughfare, Beach Street. It’s a wonderful setting, a stone’s throw from many local attractions, with not only Daytona Speedway in the neighborhood, but countless other fun venues, but an hour from global draws like Cape Kennedy, DisneyWorld and Universal Studios…not to mention glorious Daytona Beach itself, where we regularly drive our Slingshots and other vehicles right onto the beach.

    Currently, we not only offer not only Hahn RaceCraft as well as the entire spectrum of Slingshot Only products, we also install it all. In addition, we provide all forms of Slingshot repair and maintenance. The reception from the local Slingshot owners has been spectacular. Many have expressed great interest in having an alternative to Polaris dealers for such services, as by now many Slingshots on the road are out of warranty and looking for options. As we reside in one of the deepest concentrations of Slingshots per capita in the world, our local client base continues to grow. We also will offer Slingshot sales and rentals, as well as consignment sales.

    We aren’t limited to just Florida-region Slings either. Machines have arrived here from around the country for our services, with the wide variety of local attractions a distinct plus. Folks enjoy taking in all the local treasures while we perform mechanical miracles on their machines. If this winter, you’re looking for a wonderful warm-weather getaway while you have us enhance your Sling, look no further…this is the ticket! We also offer storage for those who’d like to keep their Slings down here for trips to Florida to escape the ravages of winter weather. We can perform enhancements while you’re away from The Sunshine State, so your machine is ready to rock when you visit!

    So let’s take a look at this dynamic new Palace of Performance!

    It all starts in the Hahn Museum, where you can view machines and memorabilia that celebrate nearly a half-century of Hahn success, both on the track and off. Prepare to spend some time in this museum, for there’s a lot to see, from seminal machines like my very first dragbike from 1977, to world championship machines we have built and campaigned. There’s even a section devoted to the innovative work of my iconic late father, Bill Hahn Sr.

    Our Showroom showcases product and machines tailored to tempt and tease you. We continue to bring more and more display and products for you to be tantalized by, and thanks to a developing relationship with Slingshot Only, we are working on having more options and delights for you to drool over than ever before.

    Our Parts Warehouse is where all the goods and goodies reside, as we stock and build more and more every day.

    Our Engine Building Department is where we continue to bring the awesome, as we apply our 15 years of Ecotec engine development to the engines I personally build for select clients.

    Our Machine Shop is stocked to the gills with machines and tooling that allow us to produce…well, anything, as our machining ability is deep and storied. We take great pride in machining a large amount of our parts right here, under my watchful eye. Made in America is the real deal here, and we take it real seriously.

    Our Fabrication Department boasts many facets, including a completely equipped sheetmetal shop. We mandrel-bend all our tubing products right here, using only American-milled materials of the utmost quality.

    In our TIG Welding Lab, we stick all those sumptuously-fabricated pieces together, stitching them to one another with absolutely gorgeous TIG welds. We boast a cumulative 40 years of in-house welding experience, and I’m proud and not too humble to say that it shows in every part we weld.

    Our Powder Coating Lab is a recent acquisition, featuring sophisticated Swiss equipment and results that can only be described as show quality. We not only powder coat our own products here, we also offer powder coating services for practically any need.

    The Fulfillment Department is the last stop as we pack and ship Hahn and Slingshot Only product daily, worldwide!

    Our Service Department stands at the ready for everything from general repair to all-out custom builds. There's literally nothing we can't do here, so if you want to live the Sling Dream, let us help you chart the course!

    We are happy to offer tours of the new facility to anyone who asks, so if you’re in the neighborhood and want to pay us a visit, please do!

    Our next big event is but a week away, one we call it Slingtoberfest, a riff on the Daytona Biketoberfest of October 17-20. I’ll post more about this exciting event very soon, but from a live band to installs taking place all. the. time, it’s going to be one fun Fall blowout!

    As you might imagine, we are very proud and enthused about the new place and can’t wait to keep meeting more and more of the local Slingshot faithful. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me as I extol its virtues, and if we can help you in any way, here’s how to contact us there:

    Our hours are 9-5, Tuesday through Friday, 10-5 on Saturday



    Boost Regards,

    Bill and Aubrey Hahn

  • This all sounds great, but as they say - without pictures it didnt happen 8o

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    JRI GT coil overs, DDM short shifter
    Twist Dynamics Sway Bar & DDM mounts

    MeanSling Sport Top & OEM Dual Windshield

    Pedal Commander + Misc Other Goodies

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  • Bill from Hahn RaceCraft

    Changed the title of the thread from “Hahn RaceCraft's new Daytona beach facility” to “Hahn RaceCraft's exciting new Daytona Beach facility!”.
  • Looks like you have been keeping busy! Nice job!

    CO D12

    Hahn SST stage 2X PRP Seats Sparco Steering Wheel (Not SLR) w/ NRG 3.0 Quick release Canadian Headlight R-Shot Accessories Windscreen Rear Protection Plate by Slinglow NASCAR Windshield Kenwood Double DIN SSV head pods with Polk DB 6.5"s SSV Works Subwoofer enclosure w/10" JL Audio Kenwood Amps Slingshot Side Storage 11 Piece Mat Kit TD Canvas top TD lip spoiler 22" Asanti Wheels TD sway bar TD shifter boot cover & parking brake Graphics by AMR Racing QA1 front TrakHamr rear

  • Congrats on the new facility.

    What luggage carrier is that shown to the left of the red bike? Looks like it's just about the right size for the Slingshot.

    Very perceptive! That came from Pep Boys, and a local customer is having us fabricate a solution to add it to his Sling. I'll share results when complete. Thanks for the congrats too!

  • Very perceptive! That came from Pep Boys, and a local customer is having us fabricate a solution to add it to his Sling. I'll share results when complete. Thanks for the congrats too!

    I've begun a new thread for this unique addition: Storage Galore for the Slingshot

  • Looks like a helluva shop, Bill! I do get down to Florida occasionally, I'm gonna have to stop by and see if it looks as good in person as it does here (probably better!)

    Just so you know, my wife will make me leave my wallet at home if I go visit you place! =O:thumbsup:

    You're always welcome...so is she! Hope to see you when you get down this way.