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    The longer we do nothing, the longer we'll have to endure it all, and the worse it will get.

    It's time to come together as a people and decide what future we wish for our fine nation.
    It's time to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated.
    It's time to admit that mistakes have been made, by many, in many areas.

    It's time to DO something. Anything.

    Most importantly...anything but endlessly recycle the same vitriol and bullshit that's been passing for "dialogue" for some years now. I wish I would have been delighted to see something actually new in this thread. I can't say as I'm surprised that I was disappointed.

    Sounds good! Without the baffle is a nice tone for my ears!!

    Much obliged, sir. No baffle is my preference too, I like to hear it! All the same, we were sure to also engineer this to suit quieter tastes, as many wish a mellow experience. The baffle does a great job for those folks.

    We used to have a mega-loud system on Slingshark, our test mule. It was one of the side-exhaust experimental units shown in the pile of broken dreams from the Sneak Peek video. The wife adored it, and I loved its rowdy tone, but on long drives, the drone was just too much.

    This new SidePipe system hits the right balance. Loud enough to be fun, but not so loud that it frazzles your skull on those long runs. I enjoy its split-personality: robust and deep when I ask for power, but a nice, calm burble for enjoyable highway cruising, as well as for putting about in the neighborhood.

    I posted this on tds, but wanted to post here too for the cool kids.

    'One question. Can it be installed without taking the side panel off if you already have the Alpha exhaust?

    I would say no. The exhaust is compact, but with its various pipes and hangers, not so compact that it could be inserted without removing the side panel. For what it's worth, removing the side also greatly enhances access to the install overall (such as installing the mounting brackets to the chassis), so ultimately it's a decent tradeoff.

    Sound Clip Video

    Oh, the sound of it! I love driving with this exhaust, it's really the most fun I've had with a new exhaust design in some time. Great sound and tone, and you can actually have a conversation at 60-70 MPH. Four-cylinder engines are a challenge to pull deep, satisfying sound from without becoming tinny or buzzy. We've had excellent results with these Magnaflow Made-in-USA mufflers on our other applications, so we were confident we'd get great sound here too. Our dual-pass muffler approach does a great job of managing the volume without killing the character of the deep tone.

    We've been putting it through its paces, and it's been flawless so far. Smooth operation thanks to its urethane chassis mounts. Stays where it's supposed to stay, no "sagging" or other remedies needed. Quiet when you want it to be, throatier when you get deeper in the throttle. Thanks to the baffle, the two available sound levels make it a great fit for everyone.

    What can we say Bill? You've reached levels of success in multiple areas quite well. You're getting the first turbocharged slingshot in the country running on the street was the starting point. You also had the first slingshot to have 200 rwh, 250 rwh, 300 rwh. 365 rwh - well, you get the picture. Slingshot NEEDS you and YOU need slingshot. In the past, (in my opinion only) you're talents were being pulled in many directions, and as a result, there were many areas that needed improvement. Now that you have eliminated the announcing and related travel, all that time and energy can and will be directed to the slingshot. I'm sure your pending relocation to Daytona will also add that extra jolt and raise your exposure to entry level slingshot owners. Your group buys and extremely reduced shipping times is just the start. Now that you'll be bringing powder coating in house, delivery times will improve even more. When products expand, costs are competitive, delivery times are shortened and communications improve, success won't be far behind.

    While one faction of motorcycles will miss you, the slingshot community is glad you made the right decision.

    Appreciate the vote of confidence, and you're absolutely right. It was time to simplify, and if you can all pardon a morbid amputate a limb in favor of the remaining whole, so that it may survive and thrive.

    You putting it this way got me to thinking. 30 years ago in 1988, I founded Hahn RaceCraft as a part-time venture. I was still working for someone else, and would not attain full-time self-employment until I quit my last job and took the plunge in 1990. By that time, I was working three worlds: my job, my side-business, and my racing career. Things had advanced to the point where I knew I had begun to slide at all three, not able to do my best work...and I concluded that one had to go. Fortunately for me, my growing baby business had the strength to pull me through, and giving up my full-time job was the key to making it thrive. Now I could attain full power without wobbling!

    In many ways, this is a similar juncture, and I'm having to again make those hard decisions about what will stay, and what will go. And similarly, I expect that what remains will benefit tremendously from the increased focus. I'm as inspired as I've been in years, and thanks to my long career, I've never been more experienced or capable than I am today. With a clearer focus, and the bonus of more time to lavish upon my art, the sky's the limit!

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    In order to better devote my energies to business and family life, I've decided to step aside in my role as Manufacturers' Cup Announcer and MC. The article link below tells the story.

    The five weeks a year I was devoting to this series were amazingly enjoyable, but I now look very forward to using that time in a way which better benefits business and personal goals. This move will free us up tremendously where Slingshots are concerned, empowering more product development, more racing, more customer service, and more Slingshot event attendance. Many of you have already seen the beginning of this transition, as we've been considerably more active in this market as of late. To that end, we've also begun to obsoletize more Hahn RaceCraft products for other vehicles. These have reached the end of their product cycle life, and shedding them empowers even more capacity for more things Sling.

    Thank you all for your support, and looking forward to seeing you out there on the Slingshot Trail! Article: Hahn RaceCraft Reaches Another Milestone

    Below, I'm interviewing one of my lifelong heroes, none other than "Spiderman" Larry McBride, 15-time Top Fuel Bike champion and the quickest and fastest dragbike racer in the Solar System: 5.61 seconds @ 258 MPH!

    Here's a teaser shot of the pipe and its bezel. As mentioned, this is the same route as the Alpha side-exhaust, with the hole in the same location in the side body panel, so as to make refitting to our product straightforward and inexpensive, as one can re-use the same body panel.

    I decided to do something snappy with the bezel this go, more in keeping with Slingshot's angular theme, so we went full Hex!

    What's the latest Bill?

    I've made a couple of vids, but didn't like them much. For one thing, our Slingshark still had a turbo-tuned PCM, big injectors and 2-bar MAP sensor in it, and it's a bit more burbly than a stock PCM and stock injectors, also with that slightly higher idle (1000 RPM vs. the stock 800). Wanting the new exhaust to shine correctly, as well as appropriately with the parts it's likely to be paired with, I have now procured/installed a stock flash PCM and injectors. This was the right sounds great now, crisp and clean!

    Weather's been a bit of a pain as well, but we should be able to shoot today, upload tonight. After my "trial runs" with the other vids, I think I have a nice format down for the final cut! Stay tuned...

    Encouraging! Now seeing the payoff of all the investment in the Slingshot market. From R&D and production tooling to warranty disbursements a lot of capital has gone into getting it this far.

    I know many have mixed feelings about their ceasing the Victory line, but it's a smart and courageous company which consolidates resources and focuses on its most profitable and stable brands. Like Slingshot, it's a move that while expensive in the short run, does provide a nice tax writeoff, and will ultimately also bring benefit at the bottom line.