Storage Galore for the Slingshot

  • A local customer brought us this trailer and luggage pod prior to a cross-country trip and said, "Make it so!" And so we did.

    We installed a Wycked Hitch, which was a pretty straightforward affair. The luggage pod, however, was an adventure into custom design and fabrication. We mounted it to the roll hoops and constructed a front support hoop which attaches to the Slingshade. Now, we well realize this mod isn't for everyone, but who are we to turn down good paying work which flexes our design and fabrication muscle?

    We went late into the night, with a 12:30AM delivery, as the customer was on his way out at about 3AM. I took the obligatory test drive, and was pleasantly surprised at the machine's attitude. The combination of the trailer and the pod was unexpectedly stable. I've driven my share of Slings, and I have to admit this combo was one of the most stable I've ever piloted. The trailer's natural tug helps keep the rear wheel on track, and the pod? I'd be lying if I didn't offer that it made the entire Slingshot more well-mannered. There was a calmness, a reduction in the bit of natural side-to-side "wiggle" that Slings have, if so subtly. It was as if the pod was acting as an aerodynamic device, not unlike an airplane's fuselage and vertical stabilizer.

    The customer loved it. Over the entire 1200 mile drive, he reported it was very well behaved, no buffeting or rattling from the pod, and even in the rain, its contents remained dry. Overall, he was as impressed as could be. The pod offered so much storage that he didn't even need the trailer this go!

    Now, of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This look just may not suit some folks, and that's fine. All the same, it shows an interesting and effective path to take for those more concerned with capacity than the pure aesthetic.

    We are currently powder coating the front hoop in gloss black, and I wasn't going to show pics until that was done...but I reasoned the contrasting bare aluminum color might better illustrate the construction. Once it's black, it will be much less visible.

    Love it or hate it, one can't argue the functionality and capacity! Will we do more? Quite possibly, should we be approached. We do enjoy taking care of such unique requests here, as we certainly possess the capability and equipment to do...well, just about anything!