DDM TRack Day at Roebling Road Raceway -WE ARE GOOD TO GO!


DDM TRack Day at Roebling Road Raceway - DATE CHANGE

Mon, Dec 16th 2019, 6:00 am - 7:00 am

1135 Roebling Road Bloomingdale, Georgia 31302


10 participants, 13 undecided and 0 do not participate

Closing Date: Nov 18th 2019, 8:36 am
  • Just Landed in Clarksville

    Wanted to thank everyone for a fantastic day. Weather was great we went fast we broke stuff we fixed most of it!

    Hope everyone made it back home safely .

    Joe thanks for all the photos - is there a way I can get copies....

  • First I want to thank each and everyone that made this track day such a success! To say we had a blast would be a huge understatement. We definitely learned a few things! Still not use to making that curve at the end of the drag race. LOL

    I want to give a huge shout out to Macaw for the gift of some new spark plugs after I stretched my rods and closed up the gap on #1&#2. After borrowing Macaw's bore scope and checking things out we threw in the new set of plugs and continued as if nothing had happened. I guess you just can't keep a stock motor on the rev limiter for that long and not expect to have issues. LOL

    Thanks to Dave for loaning us the tools to get the job done. I actually did have the correct tools in my trailer but was over looking them in my haste to get the problem fixed.

    We all had a great time out there and hopefully I didn't hold y'all up too much! I will admit that I am not in the habit of watching my mirrors while on the track. In the racing that I do there is only one other opponent and they are usually in the other lane. It was great day for sure. So good to get to see everyone and spend a day together doing something that we all love and that's playing with our toys.

    You think it might be ok next time to bring a grill and cook up some burgers at the track? I hated loosing all the visiting time during the lunch break. Of course if I hadn't been out hunting parts stores and parts it wouldn't have been as bad but we won't talk about that.

    Tim & Shirl Ganey

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama

  • Tim & Shirl

    I am so happy you could join us. Glad you learned how to make that turn at the end of the straight away and we didn't have to send a golf cart to tow you back. You were pretty impressive for someone who normally only drives one way down the track.

    As always the 2 of you are great company and I am looking forward to doing again

    Happy Holidays


  • I made it home at 9:30 Tuesday morning before the rain got here. Thanks again to MACAWS and Dave@DDMWorks for putting this together. Also before anyone says anything, I did spin out and get off track 3 times at the same spot. That Kenda tire was doing all it could do when it got hot and started getting greasy, I dropped 2 more pounds of air out of it and cured the problem. I also want to thank Dave and Sling Cat for my last ride of the day, now I really know how good track tires can be. I wish I had the budget to do stuff like that. For those that know my Sling you will see that I covered over the head light area and removed the top and took those Damn parachutes "fenders" covering the front tires off. I did manage about 118 mph by speed-O on the front straight. The fenders were costing me about 6 mph on the front straight. With the fenders I could just barely get 110 mph on the front straight. I hope I can make this type of driving a few more times, I might learn how to drive.

  • Check out this clip by Keith Blanchard from yesterday.

    In my defense I was trying to do the tight portions in 3rd. After this session I tried 4th and it was a much smoother ride and I feel like the lap times picked up. I was definitely getting to the red line in 4th on the front straight sooner in the later sessions. Enjoy!

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama

  • We made it back safely last night and must say, what a great day for the track! We had just about perfect weather for a December track day and all of us at DDMWorks really want to thank everyone for coming out to this event.

    A very big, huge shout out goes to MACAWS, as without him pushing for this, it would have never happened, he was instrumental in making this one happen. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    I am sure we will be seeing more pictures and videos over the next couple days, if you have them, post them up here! Zach shot some video onboard our Slingshot that we will get posted up and also some of the pictures.

    We are already looking at dates for the next event and will keep everyone posted.

    Thanks again to everyone that came out, hope everyone had a lot of fun and we will see everyone out there next time!


  • Thanks to each and everyone of you for your participation. Great fun and Great people . MACAWS , I can not thank you enough for your involvement and pushing Dave to do what he does so well . Dave@DDMWorks ,thanks for you assistance with smother power increase and your giving in to the nagging and pleading for a track day. lookng forward to another the first or second quarter of 2020 . For those of you that were at Roebling for the first time, I hope that your faces are sore from excessive smiles and grins.