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    It’s an acquired taste for sure! 8)

    15k life on a clutch? How hard are you driving this thing. A properly used clutch and assuming non abused should last well over 50k miles.

    I wish… maybe pulled 9k out of mine before needing to double-clutch every shift (AR5 is really not the best transmission IMHO).

    Reading all of these posts regarding the clutch and transmission, I'm curious now, if I needed clutch work done on my Sling, or any engine work for that matter, would I take my Sling to the dealer where I bought it or to the Chevy/GM dealership and service department that's just down the road from where I live? 🤔

    Nah… set aside a weekend and buy a cheap engine hoist from Harbor Freight. Front end comes off with relative ease (it’s a 2 day job if working alone).

    rabtech ~> it’s still rocking!! :thumbup:

    This was a seat heater kit I made for a customer a while back to place inside his PRP seats. Each heating element has a low/med/high relay controller; both circuits are on separate 5amp fuses. Since the load is relatively low, you really don’t need a relay if you plan on using 18awg wire and have switches rated for 10amps.

    *You can look at my train horn wiring diagram for ideas on how to map out your circuit if desired (the fundamental concepts are universal in application).…75/posts/2357239274563128

    Hello there GADSling ... let me try to help.

    1. The connector coming off your heated seat is a Delphi Weather Pack. What is used on the the SS (for the most part), are Delphi Metri Packs. [It’s an interesting history between the two types of connectors... if you have time, do some light reading about them]. Personally, I’m a fan of the weather pack connectors (but I digress). Both are easily found on Amazon (here: Weather Pack and here: Metri Pack)

    2. I’m not entirely sure about the wiring source for the stock SS to power the seats... but would advise against using that it anyway. The seats can draw anywhere between 4 to 8amps combined. For that size load, a fuse block (10amp fuse) and a relay are better suited (most wire on the stock harness is between 18awg and 22awg ~> more than enough for “out of the factory” electrical... but potentially a bad fit if the circuit your tying into is at max load already).

    Hope this helps.

    If you're in town I'd like to meet up. Where can I find you?

    Haven’t left yet (got stuck working), I was planning to head up tomorrow night, but looking at the forecast, I’m not sure sure. My rear wheel only has enough tread for dry weather shenanigans... but not the wet stuff. I’ll try and find a break in the weather to ride there, but may have to pull the plug this year. ;(

    Maybe we should get a group together for a ride soon!

    I am sure we can find someplace convenient for all - maybe Mount Airy - we could wreak havoc in Mayberry

    Ya see how well I resisted saying something off color? Even though I was thinking it

    I’m down... throw out some dates and I’ll be there (and be sure bring your off color tongue... always more fun that way)! :P

    We are like anyone else, our plans can get changed in a moment by a family emergency, work, etc but we have every intention of being there. If there are stations open to buy gas and diesel and the hotel will let us stay then we should be good. I'm not worried too much about food, I know ericastar76 can cook us up some bear stew or something. LOL

    Don’t you worry, we’ll be there with our bows and broad heads... bear stew it is!

    *who am I kidding... I only draw 50lbs which is surely going to just piss off any bear I hit! :P

    100% agree with Bill Martin ... Rob the Slob we love you too much to risk it! <3
    This “toilet paper hoarding shit show” has to be completely gone by that time... and its very possible there may be a few contagious stragglers.

    Good news, the Australian folks are doing a trials on vaccine as we speak. It won’t be long before this whole mess is behind us.