New guy intro - new to slingshots but old hand at modding

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  • Just think, back last year when my SS was getting repaired after the little off road ride I was going to buy another SS but could not find one of the $15,000 ones except on the West cost. I would have had two also.

  • Welcome @Franchi glad to have another buckeye on board. I'm about 30 miles to your east.
    Give me a shout if you want to ride sometime or need help with your mods.
    I think it's a smart idea to wait a few thousand miles before getting crazy with the mods.
    Learn the machine and see what you like and what needs attention.
    Everyone has their own list of what's important to them as first mods.
    Check out what others have done and make your own list.
    As stated above Maggie Valley is a excellent place to see what's out there or get ideas!
    I've got my reservations.