Alignment cost

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  • But is it for aligning 3 wheels or 2?

    The two front wheels are aligned using the rear wheel as a point of reference to set the toe evenly.
    I use the True Laser Track system which uses four targets. I haven't seen the polaris system in use but it appears to use two rear targets.
    Cost is negotiable, $129 is my normal charge but it can be lower depending on the number of units being done and the number of adult beverages provided after the fact.

  • they will do the alignment for $150, after they get their equipment set up, should this concern me about getting a proper alignment?

    hey, I've never done an alignment myself but have all the tools and I think there are instructions in the box and it will only cost you $150 ..... that's the thought that runs through my head

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  • Yes they are and it is pretty accurate if the mechanic is picky about doing it properly

    So, are you saying that we should be hesitant to take our SlingShot into a dealer that has not used the equipment before?


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  • 1: The complete Slingshot Hub Mounted True Laser Track laser alignment system will be $1625.00 + freight
    System includes 2: mandrels; 2: hub mounted adapters; 4: targets with target weights; 2: lasers; 2: laser cradles, 2: tape measures and 2 shop clothes in a large polished aluminum diamond plate case, with 2 : 7 inch diamond plate ride height blocks
    Here’s a sneak peak:

  • that's what I use, works great.

  • I had my pickup done for $60

    Is that for the Polaris laser alignment?

    Just wondering if dealers do two wheels or three.

    Big dog the slingshot alignment system is a three wheel alignment. They start with inserting a rod through the rear axle to a specific measurement which coincides with the front wheels. From there they align the front wheels exactly how I have not seen.

    I had my slingshot aligned at Cycle Country Salem Oregon and I was the first guinea pig for this service cost me just over $100 and made a huge difference in the handling of my slingshot.

    Anyone wondering if there slingshot is out of alignment pay close attention to what the front end is doing, example, does the front wobble side to side or termed hunting when it passes through the tire wear grooves on the road.

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  • I had my front end aligned after I put my new tires on. So far there is no sign of wear. But my second rear tire seems to be wearing out slightly faster than the first. So maybe the rear tire is scrubbing the asphalt causing excess wear. I think getting the 3 wheel alignment is in my future.

    So how often do they suggest getting it aligned?