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    That has been my thoughts on the issue from the beginning. I have been unfortunate enough to have ridden several hundred miles in the rain and I turn off traction control and stability control if the road is beyond damp. I have read every account I can find on the subject of "hydroplaning" in a SS and I have fully convinced myself that it is safer to slow down and turn it all off when treading water.

    Ghost I agree with you and what others have said on many of the points that made here. I am now a firm believer that there could and should be more studies done to correct some of the controlling factors of the SS.

    My experiences in hydroplaning.
    My first experience in serious hydroplaning the 1962 nova I was driving came into a right hand steeply banked curve 1/2 filled with water. Since there was a car coming at me I simply eased up on the gas and held on. The water sucked me deeper into it, gently counter steering and careful not to go in the other lane to avoid an accident I did end up fishtailing then spinning 1 1/2 circles out to the right side in the field just missing the car after it passed. Even though I lost control for the most part I could still at least countersteer and attempt to direct the car.

    Moving forward to September 8, 2018 in my SS-SL 2015 when I hit water in this incident without warning I violently fishtailed and was heading off across the hi-way in less than one second. I think because of how I was sitting I could only turn the wheel (8-4 position) about 1/8 turn counter steering in either direction which may have been to my benefit versus turning the wheel a 1/2 turn that may have caused excessive over correction. This happened two times in about two hours and each one started on the opposite side of the highway than the other hydroplane.
    During my first incident hydroplaning in the slingshot (no breaks) I clearly heard the tires chattering on the road as I was sliding sideways during the fishtail. Someone here mentioned the word YAH which in my opinion needs more attention by Polaris testing facilities.

    I am sure without question that Polaris has spent long hours and numerous attempts at creating each and every possible scenario to make the SS as safe as possible for the public. However I still believe more studies need to be done to help alleviate the violent actions that slingshots go through when they hydroplane with one front tire.

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    SS hydroplaning

    I strongly believe it is the traction control that caused my (AII) SS to go out of control, in fact this was the second time that day.

    My theory is as follows;

    Weather conditions light drizzle wet roads with a stream of water crossing the road at one point. One front tire hits the stream of water causing an inconsistency between the front tires causing the opposite front tire to apply the break, about that point in time the rear wheel hits that water now causing the slingshot to pivot or start the spin.

    A more in-depth explanation = when one front (RT) tire hits water it hydroplanes and slows that tire speed and pulls the SS in that (RT)direction. at this point your SS has now slightly changed directions. This action has caused the traction control to apply brake pressure to the (Left) front wheel and now causing the SS to change directions again. At this point your rear tire is now in that water puddle (no traction) which magnifies the brake pressure and causes the rear end to spin out towards the right. Your rear tire has completed a zig and a zag and now you’re in for the ride until you can countersteer and bring the SS under control.

    Obviously the better your tires are the more traction you have also the type of tire pattern helps disperse the water.

    The first time my SS hydroplaned I was in the far left lane with medium to heavy traffic. I lifted my foot off the gas peddle and counter steered eventually sending my Sling across 4 lanes of traffic at a 45° angle to the lanes of traffic and into the safety lane on the right-hand side of the road. I countersteer again to correct my angles to the road and picked up another spin finally getting it pointed in the right direction and back in control dropping more than 25 mph from the initial speed I was going.
    The second time in heavier rain traveling about 45 mph I was on the high side of the slope of the road in the far right hand lane when that spin started again. I headed to the left side this time and hit my brakes then totally losing control and the concrete barrier jumped out at me.

    Given the traffic conditions I was extremely lucky to be in an empty pocket when these events happened.

    My suggestion is as I will do from now on, is to deactivate the traction control in wet conditions.

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    He's just told me the problem: "That wheel only comes 20x10 rear if thats what you were referring to. But it still has 305 wide tire on it. They dont build that wheel in an 11" version"

    Why didn't he tell me that when I ordered them from him. I would have picked different wheels then. Sigh.

    What about going to a 12 inch wide wheel? Then that would help make the tire look slightly wider

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    This is excellent advice that everyone should be aware of before heading out in the wet road conditions. I bought my SAS April 4, 2015 not knowing of this website at that time and more importantly not knowing of the dangers of wet roads and slingshots.

    I might just say my first weekend was a very exciting weekend driving around the pacific northwest Oregon. As I was nearing the end of my ride heading into Portland Oregon and then south on I-5 into Salem, Portland was very wet in fact heavy rain and I just held the wheel steady at 70 mph never had a problem. A test of fait that I prevailed for from.

    Some 3 1/2 years later with wider tires and by far a lot less water on the road I was not so lucky. In fact 2 times that same day September 8, 2018 I hydroplaned. I will post “hydroplaning” to read more details on

    Last night with help from my son we installed the rear fender ,air foil and light strip that i bought from SlingMods..
    Looks great everything works great....But they do leave out a few problems that we encountered in the instal video .
    Like when you bolt the 3 bottom bolts you have to somehow find the blind holes that they go into and that took the longest and most frustrating part of the job....They also show the tinnerman clips sliding right in, Nope if you don't bend them open they aren't sliding in...Other than that after 3+ hours it looks like its a factory piece and buttons up the naked rear tire look...

    Post some pics

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    Great reaction time. Too bad you had that much tire spin

    I wish I could get on a quarter-mile track see where my slingshot would do bug NHRA has not qualified the slingshot in Oregon.

    I have done a few whole shots and found if I come out about 4000 RPM and then when it starts grabbing tractions slowly add more power to it. The theory is you reduce the amount of wheels spin and looking for tire grab.
    Mind you I am no professional by any means just something that I had tried a few times

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    I had my pickup done for $60

    Is that for the Polaris laser alignment?

    Just wondering if dealers do two wheels or three.

    Big dog the slingshot alignment system is a three wheel alignment. They start with inserting a rod through the rear axle to a specific measurement which coincides with the front wheels. From there they align the front wheels exactly how I have not seen.

    I had my slingshot aligned at Cycle Country Salem Oregon and I was the first guinea pig for this service cost me just over $100 and made a huge difference in the handling of my slingshot.

    Anyone wondering if there slingshot is out of alignment pay close attention to what the front end is doing, example, does the front wobble side to side or termed hunting when it passes through the tire wear grooves on the road.

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    I have a red SL, what I did is put red vinyl over the center caps of the wheels then cut out the three point star. Several times I’ve gone into the gas station for gas and somebody walks up to me and says is that a Mercedes I just looked him straight in the face yeah. Their reply is, I didn’t know Mercedes made this.

    Another stupid question is, how fast does it go.
    I say, turn your shorts brown fast

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    Better than Goldwings, ain't it? ;):P

    Hey guys don’t forget about me! HA HA HA
    In all the years I’ve been riding bikes Saturday evening was the first time I had the experience of truly needing help on the highway!
    Trust me when I say I really needed help and it did not take very long for help to come. Al and Phuong literally responded within minutes. I am a true believer in this webpage.

    As I am preparing this document I’m thinking we need a FIRST responders list for a “HELP CALL PAGE” if I knew how to do it set it up I would be the first on the list for any biker to call for help.

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    @silver fox sorry for the bent TR. I'm on the opposite end of the country so can only offer some possible field repair suggestion. Unfortunately the SS does not come with a scissor Jack but if you can source one there is one possible method. Place the scissor jack under the bent section, and secure to the top of the Jack base with whatever is available. Cord, strap or even good old duck tape. The trick will be to keep the bent section from rotating and you start to Jack up. Unfortunately the SS does not have a lot of weight so I'm unsure if it will do much to straighten out. This is sometimes used on off-road trail rides on Jeep's. We usually have a lot more tools to make this work. Hell I always carried spares but that's not helping you, sorry. This may be worth trying if you are just sitting and have nothing else to do.

    I wish I could try that! But for some reason I have not found the jack on my slingshot yet!!

    Stranded searching for a mechanic, none to be found I’m at the corner of 44th Ave., West and Alderwood in Lynnwood just north of Seattle my phone 971-301-3329

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    Unfortunately Lynnwood is 180 miles from me and farther from @BryanL. I have a houseguest today that just got out of the hospital from a major surgery and is convalescing here until he can drive home to the Oregon coast. I'm not sure what I can do to help. Without seeing the extent of the bend, straightening a tie rod could be a challenging roadside fix and risks breaking it. That's usually the result in the woods. I don't know if driving it home like that on the freeway would be my choice. I don't have a trailer that fits the Slingshot but perhaps a U-Haul with a wooden plank in the center like @Nemesis1701 has done would get it home. Keep us posted @silver fox. I wish I was closer.

    Trailside fix with bailing wire - NOT freeway worthy!

    It has about 15° band I will try to post a pic

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    So is your Sling still on the side of the road and needs a tow, or you have it at home and need some assistance in fixing it, or...?

    I am 200 miles from home and manage to hobble it to the next exit and a hotel.
    Besides other damage that is mostly superficial, the tie rod has a bad kink in it. I will try to watch this post while I am inquiring around to find a mechanic or someone with tools that I can straighten the tire rod for now. Then I will return all and miss the Oyster run at Anacortes Wa

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    I have to assume because it has been 2hrs and no reply to @'KayTwo''s question that you have some help already. This is a good example of a situation where having a "SS Rescue" set up similar to the GWRRA's Gold Book would come in handy.

    No help as of yet. I will cup thinking about this and then went back to bed. But now it’s almost 8 AM and hoping someone will message me soon

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