2019 Slingshot Calendar (official thread)

  • Big kudos to @MWSlingshot for submitting the first photo for consideration for the 2019 calendar!!!!!

    I want to take this opportunity to remind you to submit photos to 2019slingshotcalendar@gmail.com

    I also want to challenge you to only submit photos taken in December 2017 or in 2018 - it's not a hard and fast rule

    Thanks @Ross, I hope to be able to get lots of great photos to submit for the 2019 edition as soon as the weather changes and @frostedorange and I get back out riding.

    Michael West
    Gainesville Ga.



  • Im in the printing business and @StickerDick has been a great mentor at helping with what materials are best for what applications and different types of techniques but you my friend just shed a new light on how to better create quality prints! Thanks buddy!! Ill be using this info more in the future! grin-squared

    I BUY ALL THINGS PURPLE!! :00007555:

    You say goodbye, I say good riddance!! :00007956:

    My Hayabusa gets NO LOVE now that the Slingshot is in the garage!!! :(

  • Ross, I sent you many pictures and more will come post Kerrville!

    If I can make it to sstakeover in Houston, you'll get some from there too, but I'm sure @DKF Texas will take care of us...

    Right Danna? 8)

    got them - thank you

    Looking forward to lots of photos .... thank you all in advance

  • From the NYTimes .... Sending Highest Possible Resolutions from an iPhone

    Q. How do I make sure I am sending a photo at the highest possible resolution when I attach it to an email message on my phone?

    A. Before you send the photo, check the image-size settings when you attach the image to the message so you know you have selected a high-resolution picture. If you pick a low-resolution photo from the start, that is what your recipient will get.

    To help those with slow connections, limited-data plans or internet provider limits on attachment size, some mobile email apps can reduce the size of a photo attached to a message that’s going out. Choosing the “small” or “medium” size scales the image down, but also reduces the resolution when it arrives at its destination. Smartphone apps vary, but some can automatically resize photos, so check your default settings.

    The “large,” “original” or “actual” sizes you may see on the menu create a larger file attachment and take longer to send. However, the recipient gets the photo at a higher resolution. Once the photo is attached to the message, you should see the file size displayed.

    As for images attached to text messages, some wireless carriers might compress photos sent by SMS or with certain messaging apps. Some software, like iOS 11 for the iPhone, have an optional setting to automatically reduce the size of images sent with the iMessage service to lower bandwidth consumption.

    Desktop email programs like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail can also resize photos attached to messages you send. For images that exceed your mail server’s size limits, you can also share links to the high-resolution files with tools like Apple’s MailDrop, Gmail using Google Driveor Microsoft OneDrive — services that are often integrated into your mail program to do the heavy lifting anyway. Third-party file-sharing services like Box, Dropbox and iDrive have a similar function.

    A version of this article appears in print on January 17, 2018, on Page B6 of the New York edition with the headline: Sending Photographs At High Resolution

  • Ok guys and gals - a quick reminder that the calendar will only be as great as YOU make it

    We're about half way through the year and I only have 60 emails of submitted photos and only about 120 photos

    I need more More MORE MORE MORE. I really thought we would have a couple hundred photos by now

    Come on guys and gals on those super hot days when you can't ride or when it is raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock - bust open those photos and get some submitted now rather than waiting until the last minute when you can't find them all

    If you trying to get a spot on the calendar don't forget that photos with themes (fireworks or flags for 4th of July and Veterans Day) with a leprechaun driving for March etc etc etc.


  • Based on everything you took at Maggie Valley... You've got the bulk of the photos already @Ross... :thumbsup:

    NOPE NO WAY NADA - this calendar is about you guys and gals and the photos you take of your awesome rides and crazy adventures .... not my photos (other than of my own ride)

  • NOPE NO WAY NADA - this calendar is about you guys and gals and the photos you take of your awesome rides and crazy adventures .... not my photos (other than of my own ride)

    Ummm....hey, buddy? Hate to break it to you...most of us (I think) would be happy to buy a calendar of your photos. Don't sell yourself short. And don't use that thinking to exclude some of your awesome shots from this calendar, therefore depriving us of your art!

    Seriously, though, you're gonna have to figure out how to cram in twice as many pictures this year.

  • Alright gang photo submissions for the annual calendar are due to the 2019slingshotcalendar@gmail.com account by midnight on October 31, 2018 - the goal will be to have the photos retouched and the layout complete by the 3rd week of November with printing happening in late November/early December so that they will be in your hands by Christmas

    This should give time for those attending Slingshots in the Ozarks, Slingshot Booze & Blues 2018 ,and Wanna Go Fast 1/2mi Shootout a chance to get event photos submitted

    I regret to report that at this time we do not have enough quality photos submitted to produce a 2019 calendar - hopefully that will change and we can have a forum members calendar again this year but if interest is not there, I totally understand

    A couple of quick things

    • All members are eligible to submit photos for consideration
    • Size matters. Any file under 3000 KB will likely be too small in size or quality (resolution) to use as a cover image and may be too small for a grid photo
    • If you're sending from your iPhone or Android phone please read post #8 in this thread on how to send the full size image and now the shrunk down lower quality version. You do not have to have a DSLR to submit photos - point and shoot cameras and camera phone photos work great
    • Vendors who actively participate in the forum are eligible to submit photos
    • We are primarily looking for photos taken in 2018 - you can submit older photos but 2018 will have a better chance
    • There are no guarantees that a submitted photo will be included and there is no preferential treatment. Theme photos .... 4th of July, Veterans Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. have a high chance of being used. Group photos of forum members and rides also rank very high in the selection process. Bad ass awesome photos will always be in the cream of the crop

    My printer retired shortly after we did the 2018 calendar so I'm going to do a few meetings with other local printers to get an idea on prince. The general layout at this time will be the same unless you have other ideas but the photos and backgrounds will be all new