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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    Hello TigerFan92 ! We sell 2 size front fenders known to most as the Bobbers, which cover about 33% of the wheel and function well for water and debris and we also sell a larger set know as Street-fighters. These cover about 45% of the wheel. FunCycle is a true OG and has the fenders in which my buddy Mark aka StickerDick initially created prior to our takeover of the company. His are a one of a kind make.

    You can also run with no fenders and add our Fender Eliminator kit which covers nicely the hole or footprint for which the stock fenders mount and have no fenders at all. I did this prior to owning Three's Da Life and ran my sling that way for over a year. Only thing is if you are susceptible to getting caught in rain or driving down old country roads, when you turn water and debris will come into the cab area.

    Hit me up on Facebook and I can shoot you some pics of the 2 fenders offered and also the eliminator kit and how to remove your stock fenders. We will have more Eliminators ready to ship by Monday July 15th.

    We also have our rear fenders on the way to match as well!! More info to follow on that via Facebook Three's Da Life group soon!



    Woohoo! May finally be my chance!



    GOODLUCK buddy!!

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    STYLN You should add one more choice to your raffle. A rear fender.

    Just sayin.


    Hahahaha I would but they are not quite ready!! Takes a lot to make a product production ready to our standards and that’s very difficult when the inspector (me) is a perfectionist!

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    here is a bit of help for others, use this link :

    and make sure it says the following : Send money to friends and family across the top

    And paste in his email address :


    Once you hit Next, it will ask you for the amount, and there will be a notes section to input in the additional data he asked for.

    STYLN , feel free to use any of this in your original posting.

    Thanks for doing this!


    This is a HUUUUGE help!! Thanks buddy I greatly appreciate you!!

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    Styln, that link that you gave, it doesn't give us the option to change to Friends/Family, does it default to that? There is no indication of it.

    If I go to Money > Send Money, then I get the option to send to friends and family, but then we'd need your paypal name or address.


    Ok fixed brother! Just use the email address above!

    Ok folks, so we have been working behind the scenes for a couple weeks on the thought of doing a raffle to raise money for the PBTF ride for a cure. Now with the help of DKF Texas and Ross   Slingrazor and the SOG folks, we are happy to announce our Three's Da Life Fender raffle fundraiser!!

    Starting today 3/16/19 we will be selling entries into a raffle via PayPal using the email address at $25 each. Each entry will enter you into a chance at winning a full set of Three's Da Life fenders with fender eliminator kit and shipping included. Each participant will also receive a free T-Shirt in their requested size (see image below) with shipping included for their support and participation in the drawing. Dependent upon quantity of entries sold there may be other prizes added to the raffle. All proceeds of the raised funds will be donated by J and M Designs and Three's Da Life to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Contest will conclude on April 21st, 2019 at which time a winner will be chosen by a randomizer app.

    Winner does not need to be present to win. Winner will be able to choose between the Streetfighter series or the Bobber series fenders, a set of fender eliminators and free shipping to the Contiental US only. If outside of the US you may still enter but shipping will have to be paid by the winner prior to shipment. Install or customization of fenders is not included. Fenders will be in the black gel coat finish with raw billet brackets.

    We hope to raise a significant amount of money for the foundation as well as promote other companies to do the same with their items. We also hope to make arrangements to be a vendor at the Slingshot Roadsters event in Kerrville, TX.

    Please use PayPal Friends or Family as payment for entry (if friends or family is not use while making payment you will be refunded the whole amount and not entered into the raffle. Friends or Family avoids all fees PayPal charges for taking this type of payment. We thank you for understanding) and in the notes section please include your full name, email address, size(s) of shirts desired up to 3XL and an optional phone number in case you are the winner.

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    Any follow up on the rear fenders? :/


    We are currently working on the mold for the rear fenders. We are doing 2 series, 1 that will accommodate up to a 305 and the 2nd that will accommodate up to a 325 wide tire

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    STYLN did an install video for these fenders that answered all my intall questions.

    STYLN you need to go to the fender washers that are the same diameter as the rubber washers. Also I installed my fenders center on the tire this gives you just enough clearance so that I could pull the tire without pulling the fender. My fenders are the full length so the rear of the fender is 4 1/2 inch from the floor,


    We are now using 1 inch rubber washers and 1 inch fender washers. Thought it would be best to add tension to the whole washer against the fender and the 1.5 inch were just to big.

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    Ok ladies and gents! Today is the last day of the group buy for the fenders! We are now up to 6 sold sets and 3 people on the fence! Just need those 3 to jump on board and 1 more to get to the 2nd tier of discounts!

    New install video will be up later today as well! It’s a very simple install that even the mechanically declined folks such as myself can do!!

    Wednesday we will be announcing something new that we are taking pride in, with the collaboration of a very well known OG Slinger that you just have to love and admire!

    Stay tuned and get your fenders before the sale is gone!!

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    Hey folks!! We have some fabulous new items that we will be showing on Saturday Feb 23rd on a Facebook Live on the Three's Da Life page. We will be doing some giveaways of our new products as well. To be eligible you must comment during our live feed and the more folks that join in the more we will give away!

    If you haven't joined our closed group yet, please go to and search Three's Da Life group and join!

    We will also do a separate video after the live to post here on the forums just in case there are folks that don't do the Facebook thing to show some of the new wares available!

    Ladies get ready!!!! Most of the items pertain to you!!

    Thanks for your continued support and hope to see you live on Saturday!!

    So I got around to putting these HUGE decals on the trailer. Had to work to position it because of all the screws.

    So I put one in the headlight, which unfortunately meant he took one through the head too, but hey, it's white on white. And it's just a grazing wound.

    Need to get you a Three's Da Life sticker for that canvas as well!