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    Hello all and sorry for my absence! It's hard to explain a situation or even offer an excuse when someone pays for an item that has been long overdue on delivery! I am truly sorry that we have yet to fulfill the last 2 orders of jackets that were placed in late May. Due to limited availability on products from our vendor and then 2 close deaths in our family. Business in a holistic manner has suffered greatly.
    This post is no means a cry for sympathy and we are truly sorry for the delay to @MiM and Ross . We have offered a full refund and will still fulfill the orders on our end just as soon as we can get things back in order. My 9yr old nephew's funeral will be this Saturday Nov 10th and then we will have a week off to work on all our behind orders both slingshot related and standard orders here locally.

    Once we can confirm availability of more wind breakers we will do another offer to the forum members! Please bear with us as we get through this tough time and we hope you understand!

    Thank you,

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    Thank you folks for the sincere concern! It warms my heart to know my presence is missed!

    2 months ago my aunt was diagnosed with Bone Marrow cancer in her jaw. What started out as what we thought(as well as the doctors) was an abscess in her tooth became a full blow diagnosis of cancer a month later! Being a nurse, my instinct just kicked in and we have been at the hospital with her weekly. Good news is that she is now in rehab and able to come home tomorrow(Monday 8/21!).

    As most of you know California has been on fire again and the beautiful Yosemite National Forest has been scorched pretty badly(just reopened last week after a closure due to the fire). A close friend of mine works for Cal Fire and we asked if we could produce some shirts and sell them then donate the proceeds back to the Cal Fire dept for use to help families and victims that have lost homes, property or loved ones....they agreed and we sold over 4000 shirts to the public raising over $35,000!! It was amazing how communities came together to help in such a huge way! My screen printing partner and several others all helped in organizing our idea and it has paid off well for those in need!

    We really appreciate everyone of our brothers and sisters here and cannot be more grateful to be a part of this community! It is very humbling to see so many folks come together and appreciate one another even beyond our favorite hobbies!

    Our business suffered a major hit when one of our main printers went down like @Ross said but we are now back up and running with an upgraded model and all at the cost of the manufacturer! I guess in life good deeds have a way of being recognized.

    Thank you everyone again from the bottom of our hearts in these tough times and we will be posting some pics on our page soon with some new things we have done to the purple beast!


    P.S. If you have been trying to get ahold of us and we have not responded, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TEXT ME OR EMAIL ME DIRECTLY! I will respond. Some our looking for decals and we have sold quite a few nose decals from the website but if you are in CANADA please email us your address and I will work out the shipping issue!

    Thanks guys!

    A bigger shout out goes to @KayTwo for all his hard work organizing the donations. He hit me up way back in April asking if we could help so I know he has been on this for quite some time! Kudos to you brother for your continued support and generosity in our community!

    @MiM those holders were some of the first things we did back in TDS days. Those were my last four I had so I threw them together knowing they were going for a good cause. Not sure if we will be carrying those exact ones but I’m sure I could find you something similar.

    Be safe fellas and have a great trip!

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    Just received a donation for the festivities from @SlingMods_Josh. A whole bunch of t-shirts and ballcaps for prizes. Thank you, sir!

    Guess I'll be pretty freighted down on my way to Sundre... Got donations from @Ruptured Duck and @mytoy, and now Slingmods. Working on a few more, plus some other goodies....looks like those racks are coming in handy, @SlingLow!

    Your raffle/giveaway items from us should be leaving Friday towards you! Have a good and safe event!

    I would suggest going to and doing a thorough search for what you are looking for. They have QUALITY powders and over 6500 colors to choose from. If they don't have it you can send them a sample of what you are trying to match and they will make it (for a fee of course!). Very good customer service as well. They are based out of White city, Oregon (I think) so if you are trying to match a Sling color maybe someone could drive over to their location and get us some answers!! wink-squared

    I was just about to hit the confirm order button when I didnt see a damn PURPLE OPTION!! Can we order in a raw top??!! Make it a sexy raw top at that!!

    Seriously tho, great job buddy! happy to see this come to life after all your hard work! You will do big things with this light kit from what we have all seen!

    Love ya man!

    What is the tool called and where can I buy it? Thanks