• I know it seems distasteful but the US forming some type of relationship with Russia seems much better than the alternative. A branch will only bend so much before it snaps. In this instance if the branch snaps it could lead to world destruction. Hopefully both of these branches will bend for a positive outcome.

    Don't worry one branch has bent right over.

    Some people will eventually reach a point where all the, "better than Hillary, better than the past, it just seems wrong because everyone else was to afraid to do it, look at the economy, remember Obama's crap, Remember Hillary's crap, it's the swamps fault, it's the libtards fault, fake news, witch hunt..." excuses and distraction you apply to Trumps situations can not help you reconcile with what your vote for him did to our standing in the world. Unfortunatly some will never reach that point and for some it will be way too late.

    I myself voted for (R)Kasich in the Primaries because he was the best option. I stand by that today. I suspect some that argue, "there were only two choices at the end and I wasn't going to vote for Hillary", voted for Trump in the primaries thus negating their "only two choices" claim.

    I voted for (R)(I)McMullin in the general election thinking I was locked in. For those that think that is liberal voting, than I'm a liberal.

    Trump said, "if you live in one of these 16 states(Michigan) and you want to change your early ballot(I worked the polls) you can change your vote". I thought, "I didn't know that was a thing, if this asshole wants to play games, I'll play". I then went to my town hall and changed my McMullin vote to Hillary. So keep telling yourselves I say what I say because I'm a liberal. Just know if (R)Kasich runs again I will be voting for him because I vote for who is best for the country, not who is best for me. I'm in a union and voted for (R)Snyder twice, knowing he wasn't best for me, but the best choice for Michigan in general.

    I understand for narrow minded people how voting for Obama and *Hillary* makes me a liberal. I also understand how me being an "ultrabiased liberal/libtard" saying what I say helps you shield yourself from the truth much better than me being a middle of the road, country over self, American patriot saying it to you. So please, continue as you will, defend this guy endlessly, rip on the no longer relevant politicians from the other side, just be careful not to let your party blindness will lead to your patriot card being revoked. ;)

  • Didyou know?

    2,700,000kids have a parent in prison.

    400,000kids are in foster care.

    And765,000 kids are separated from their military parents not knowing if they’llsee them again.

    Butthe media focuses on 2,000 kids who are temporarily separated from illegal immigrants.

  • They aren't blaming Trump for the hacking. Outside of the part where he said for Russia to hack and two days later they hacked and released info.

    The biggest problem is his his non-stop attempts to discredit our entire intelligence infrastructure. I know, I know, they screwed up big on WMD's. Does that mean they are useless and can never be believed again?

    Yeah, he said he "believes them" now. That is just like a five year old told to say he's sorry to somebody. He says it because he has to, not because he feels that way.

    Oh, and his whole "would, wouldn't" explanation falls under the same umbrella. He and those instructing him forgot to correct the "but" in that sentence, which set up the "would".

    Nice spin though. ;)

  • Not quite correct. he said that Hillary deleted 30,000 that she swears were just emails to her daughter regarding her wedding. Then she had her hard drive acid washed to make it impossible for them to be retrieved. Candidate Trump just said that MAYBE the Russians could find them. To me that's a huge difference than telling them to hack into the DNC computers to find shit that they otherwise want to keep private

  • Not quite correct @funinthesun, you can't spin facts. Here is what Trump said.

    "Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the 33,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press."

    No "maybe", and a lot closer to telling them to get to hacking, definently asking them to hack. Soooo

    Edit: I just realized, I never mentioned DNC computers. So you corrected nothing that I said.

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