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    • Using a 15mm socket on a 6" extension, adjust the final drive position in 1/4 turn increments. Remember: Lefty-Loosey, Righty-Tighty. The hole for it is right behind the passenger seat. Check your belt after each 1/4 turn - it doesn't take much to tighten that belt a lot.

    18mm socket. Did you not loosen the 2 bolts around the sprocket? Video said to loosen and torque to 15 foot lbs for adjustment. They are 85 foot lbs running position. The big nut is 190 foot lbs. I swear I was made at least a full turn if not more, it was way loose. I swear I was up and down 50 freaking times lol.

    I have been getting this squalling noise that would go away after a few min. It had gotten worse and worse, sounded like a squalling bearing. At the Eureka Springs meet someone pushed on my belt and was like dam dude that is way loose. Yesterday the squalling was horrible and would not quit. It squalled on acceleration and cruising speed. So I decided to tighten the belt. I noticed the belt was so loose it was rubbing the frame. I am sure this was the reason for the noise. So did a search and found a great video step by step instructions. I used a breaker bar to break bolts loose but did most things like the video. It is not a hard task but it is not a simple 10 min procedure, when you are a fat ass like me with a bad back it is a hard core workout. So for the next week or so I will not be moving very good. Anyway my flex was over 1/2 inch and should only be 5/16. It fixed it and seems to launch a lot better also. So anyone with a squalling noise check your belt. I am posting the video below I used he has a lot of good info as to torquing the nut and bolts after breaking loose so adjustment does not change after final torque and what to torque first and the tools needed. I had to go buy a 30mm socket. If anyone has any questions I can answer them because I just did this process and it is something anyone can do if you can get on the ground and back up many times.

    I want to see a video of the gopro mounted there. I have thought about doing that very same thing.

    I got the fix. You get a gopro drive like hell on wheels and watch the country later on your video. I can never remember what I scene anyway. Trust me if I ever lead a ride we will get lost I can guarantee it and I am positive I will piss someone off I seem to be good at that. I do not know the roads at all, I just figure if the guy in front of me made the turn I will too. So far it has worked for me even when I had a stock setup.

    I led two rides in Eureka and I agree with what everyone is saying. I find the people that are mostly complaining are the people that never been to a rally before or new to riding in a group and especially not used to the aggressive roads the Ozarks provides. The tail end of the group may believe the ride is too fast account the accordion effect, always having to catch up. I will address a few things with Ivor about the rides. Maybe free event fees for people who volunteer to lead rides? Split the rides up into a "leisurely" and "spirited" category?

    Maybe the rallies do not need ride leaders anymore. Most pair up in our own groups and coordinate our own rides. The rides only seem to be important to the people new to the SS community. Just have handouts of suggested rides and leave it at that.

    In the past we always had the aggressive group and the non aggressive group. I think a lot of the issue was not enough leaders and not quite as organized as in the past. No worries always a blast

    Go fast I keep up, go slow wife keeps me awake, get lost and make U turns I enjoy every min. The people are great and I love these meets. I try to make the best of all of it. I never did get kickbacks for all those chairs I sold 8o

    Cheavy 2 and Danger Darrel did a awesome job I do not care what anyone says. We use to have a little pow wow before rides, explaining to people these SS take corners like not other, stay off the freaking brake and keep the group together. If you are scared to take a corner then do not go. If you fall back on every curve and gap the group, then when you get on a straight away you will have to speed a bit to catch back up. The ones saying it was to fast must have never taken to many rides on curves because this was the most take grandma on a Sunday drive ride I have done in 4 years. Well except for maybe the normal interstate ride back to hotel after Lamberts. I personally was shocked no one kept up, it really was how I drive all the time. Cheavy cost me 20 bucks getting me back on time.


    Also I got a lot of compliments on my new power. You know I have no turbo or supercharger but one guy at gas station did ask if it went in water


    Just about got a real closeup view after we flew around that log truck. I was hitting 120 and you was slowing down lol. The guy in the orange SS about got smashed between us. Cool guy wish I could remember names.

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