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    He does it on purpose.

    And he likes it.

    Because it makes the liberal left mindless sheep blow their head off and lose their shit.

    It is funny as hell when it happens, and he knows it.

    The reason is because it shows just how demented and anti-american, anti-country and anti-common sense the left has become.

    Only an idiot would believe taking from the rich and giving to the poor makes everything all rainbows and sprinkles.

    This country has given to the poor for decades, and it hasn't worked yet. The lazy just stays lazy, and the rich finds a way to get around it because they know their money is being wasted.

    Before I allow the government to take most or all my money, I will spend it in another country, shut down my business and go on welfare.


    You know, I can't remember Obama coming to my house giving me the product idea and advice about starting a business.

    I don't remember any one from the government coming to my house and giving me the money to start my business.

    I don't remember anyone from the government giving me a handout or food stamps while i was working 18 hour days with no pay to get MY business established.

    I don't remember any deposits coming from the government to pay me back for all the lost wages I missed out on while I sunk every speck of profit back into the business to buy product so I could sell it so I could buy more and do it all over again, for about 2 freaking years before i got a pay check.

    Thats right. I worked for 2 freaking years before I got a damn pay check.

    The only times I can remember the government even knowing I existed is when I started showing a profit or started paying myself a little bit of a check.

    Then the freaking government was all over my ass, all up in my business and had MULTIPLE hands out picking my damn pockets.

    I never did get paid back for those 2 years of eating mac and cheese, hamburger helper and Chili.

    So my question to Obama's stupid ass back then, and right now, is.....


    See there Bill Martin , He can learn the TRUTH:00008040::00008040::00008172::00008172::00008356::00008356:

    I also find if funny that the democrats are investigation their political opponent for the possible crime of wanting his political opponent investigated

    That right there is the best comment I have heard on the subject.

    You win the internet today!!!!!


    It is not going to be worth a damn at moving in snow.

    There is not enough ground clearance, the nose and radiator are too close to the ground and way to vulnerable to damage.

    The "tub" is going to be a problem also.

    Waste of money and steel, in my opinion.

    If you want a snowmobile, then buy a snowmobile.

    Or convert a honda civic with tracks and ski's

    The only grounds for TRUE, PROVABLE impeachment, which is "high crimes or Treason" would be the Democrat party themselves,

    They have been committing Treason ever since PRESIDENT TRUMP won the election.

    And if the Dems think telling a country to merely INVESTIGATE corruption is wrong, what the hell do they think the punishment for Treason should be?

    I can not figure out what "Signature" he is talking bout that he cant get over.

    I have looked at my profile, i cant see a signature.

    I have looked at one of my posts, I cant see a signature.

    The ONLY thing i see is "Mister Fluffy"

    And if he is "triggered" by that, I can show him to a "safe space" where he can compose himself.

    So if someone see's this "signature he is talking about, PLEASE screen shot it and show it to me.

    I need a good laugh and a feel good moment knowing I have triggered a "Left Leaning" individual.


    WOLF , you seem to be confusing "being scared of" with "being prepared for"!

    Again, I know it's hard for you to grasp, but we were not "scared" of the illegal caravans heading for the border.

    We were PREPARING for their arrival, PREPARING for their "expected" attempt to enter the country illegally.....


    Many Republicans are "afraid" of the Dems taking all their guns away. Yes, the Dems say they want to take them away. The Dems also said Hillary would beat Trump.

    So.... YOU are now saying the Dems are LYING about wanting to take away the "big bad black guns"? I hate to contradict you, but it is not the NRA and Fox news that says that, It is the Dems themselves that are saying it, out of their own mouths, on TV.

    So they are now lying and do not want to take them?:00008172:

    Democrats "leaving if Trump wins", they don't want to leave America because they are Americans and no matter how bad it gets here, it's always better than everywhere.

    I think you are a little confused here. They don't want to leave the USA NOT because they love the USA and want the best for it, They are not leaving the USA because they know they will not PROSPER in a socialist country, they will not have any MONEY in a socialist country, and they will not be "worshiped" by the indoctrinated in a socialist country. They wouldn't be considered "special" anymore.

    But the funny thing is, they are not willing to FIGHT for whats best for the USA. And socialism is not what is best for the USA.

    If socialism is whats best for the USA, they why are they NOT setting an example and doing it themselves?

    Directly from the IRS website......In general, contributions to charitable organizations may be deducted up to 50 percent of adjusted gross income computed without regard to net operating loss carrybacks.  

    They are not being very good socialists, they have net worths in the tens of millions, and in some cases BILLIONS, but when they donate $10k to (insert whoever here), the media bombards it all over the place, LOL "(insert "star" name here)" just donated 10k to the homeless shelter in calif" when it should state Avowed socialist star just donated 0.1% of their net worth to yada yada yada.:00008356::00008356::00008356::00008356:

    I'm done with this subject.


    Your signature says it all. :*

    Who was crying, "a caravan is coming", "another bigger caravan is coming"?

    AAAAAnnnnnnDDD, whats your point?

    Again, not scared of ANYONE, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME, ESPECIALLY at the border.

    Soooo, if someone wants to immigrate to the USA, then do it LEGALLY and I will go to the border and escort them into this country.

    Try to do it ILLEGALLY, and I would volunteer to be a guard and shoot them as soon as their foot touches US soil. I have NO sympathy for someone breaking the LAW even before getting in the country.

    And explain to me why NONE of these brain dead millennial socialism wankers are not sneaking into China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela to live the socialist dream in the best countries socialism has to offer?????

    again, Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and Socialism belief is a mental disorder

    Lets see......

    Bernie, LOL, The DEMOCRATS hurt Bernie, and Bernie hurt Bernie, not the Repubs

    Warren (aka Fauxahontas) wiped out Warren

    And Hillary KILLED Hillary, just like she did everybody that had dirt on her:00008172::00008172::00008172:

    EVERYBODY needs to investigate EVERYBODY!!!!! ESPECIALLY the ones committing TREASON and BRIBERY!!!

    The only ones crying about Trump are the Dems, I guess because with a strong economy, stock market and low employment levels, no one needs Dems.

    The DEMS are the ones crying about the wall, IE...."Waaaa, the Repubs are gonna limit our new voters and we're never gonna win an election again unless we cheat more"

    The Repubs are not "scared" of people at the border, in fact, WE WANT TO KEEP THEM AT THE BORDER, ON THEIR SIDE :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    So try again

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is REAL, Just look at the Democrat party for proof.

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