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    Hmmm, dont know about your guns, but my 9mm holds 19+1. So 4 mags, 2 in each back pocket plus whats in the gun is close to 100, and you would never know I have them, because concealed means concealed.

    Now in AR's, you pop a 100 round drum in, and throw a couple 40 round mags in a few pockets, and that would be real trouble.

    But after all, we are talking about hypothetical here, not real life.:P:P:P

    And my AR's, AK's, Tavor's and Kriss's all identify as .22 cal squirrel guns.

    If you don't believe them, you are raaaassssiiiiiiisssss and against LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ peeple.:00008172::00008172::00008172:

    What is the square root of three?

    I am past 50 years old, so I am well past my high school days where i took algebra I and II and Trig I.

    I have NEVER, in my adult life, needed to know the square root of any damn thing in order to do something i wanted to do.

    And I feel like I have done a lot in my life, At least almost everything I wanted to do, but I am still working on doing more.

    But I am not an engineer either.

    Wow rabtech

    I can't believe that my posts were not the one's that you removed.

    I know how much the FACTS and patriotism offends the Democrats, so when i read your post I just assumed I had been the guilty party and offended a few.

    I, in no way have plans to try to overthrow our government tomorrow, or the next day.

    And besides, I lost all my guns and ammo when they fell overboard in the river the last time i went fishin'.


    just to make it clear "pesky little laws" as you call them wont stop a corrupt government any "pesky little laws" that get in their way would be the first thing a corrupt government changes

    I think my point was NOT explained well enough.

    As a previous member of one of those branches of service, I agreed to uphold the constitution of the united states and defend her against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

    IF a corrupt government tried to outlaw or over ride the constitution, they become the enemy of the constitution, then my oath requires me to DEFEND the constitution against the offending people, not to accept an ILLEGAL order, even from a superior officer or even the President contrary to the constitution.

    So how many of those above listed members of the military do you actually think would blindly follow the orders of an enemy of the constitution? 10%, 25%, even 50%???? I personally do not think too many, and those members would defend with us, using the fire power of their military that they were trained to fight with. So with 50% of the military fighting along side the civilians that LEGALLY OWN 320 MILLION GUNS, more than the entire military complex has ever seen, much less possess, how do you think that will turn out? They would have tanks, we would have tanks, they would have planes, so would we. They would have missiles and mortars, so would we. Their soldiers would have hundreds of rounds of ammo, we would have THOUSANDS.

    Even though I am no longer an ACTIVE member of the military, I do not remember the last sentence of MY oath saying "UNTIL YOU GET OUT OF THE MILITARY, then don't worry about it anymore". I remember it being "So help me God" with no expiration date said or implied.

    So in the case an Illegal order against the constitution is ordered, and there is an uprising against the criminal offenders, all I can say is "so help them God", because they will need it.

    In 1776 the English had Muskets and canon. We had Muskets and canon.

    In 2019 the gov't has fighter jets, tanks, artillery, Hum-v's.

    We have Muskets and canon.

    Let me expand on this a little.

    Yes, the government has all that, more specifically, the US Military has all that.

    But then you have that pesky little law that states the US Military CAN NOT be used against the citizens of this country,

    And ANY order stating for them to do that should and would be ignored by the majority of the members of the military.

    Now, for what the law abiding citizens of the US has.

    They have jets, we have planes, more planes than they have jets, yes, they can shoot ours down, if there are pilots to fly their jets against citizens.

    They have tanks, a few peeps in the US has a tank or two, and only if they have soldiers to operate their tanks.

    They have artillery, some patriots have rocket launchers and heavier stuff than most of us have.

    They have hummers, we have 4x4's, jeeps, sidexsides and whatever.

    They have M-16's, we have AR-15's with the same ammo they have, green tips, red tips, Hollow points, yadayadayada. They carry 3-4 magazines, We carry dozens and dozens of mags, 100 round drums


    There is 507,158 soldiers in the army, 347,693 soldiers in the navy, 347,352 soldiers in the air force, 179,762 marines.

    There are an estimated 320 MILLION LEGAL guns in the US.


    Only the one's that advocate denying the American citizens their constitutional rights and advocate a socialist government.

    We have seen what a socialist government does to it's people.

    We should put them all on a Plane, take their passports, revoke their citizenship and send them to Venezuela so they can have their socialist country.



    You can bet a damn lawyer came up with “mandatory buyback” :00008172::00008172:

    I don't know what to tell them.........

    Except that this man should have found all of my guns there too.…i-automatic-rifle-on-lake

    It seems my dog must have stole them and dropped them in there when he was chasing a fish.

    Never mind that I live in Florida and the lake is in Texas, I guess my dog ran fast.

    Fuck the Dems.

    An LP generator connected to the house is the way to go.

    I have been checking into LP gens since I already have a 100 GALLON (equal to a 450 LB tank give or take) LP tank not being used.

    The typical 11kw dual fuel portable gen says it uses around 40 pounds in 8 hours at 50% load.

    So the figures come out to about 88 hours worth of generator running time per tank.

    Last I heard LP was $3.73 per gallon, but it has been a while since I looked up the price.

    On gas it uses about a gallon an hour at under $2.50 per gallon.

    But LP doesn't go bad like gas and doesn't gum up carbs, but LP is less powerful than gas and a 11kw generator only produces 9.5k on LP versus 11kw on gas.

    I have decided to get a 16kw PTO driven generator for my small yard tractor that is diesel and uses about 0.5 gallons per hour.

    After this one gets by us, if you watch Facebook Marketplace, you will see generators for sale, plywood for sale and everything else they bought.

    Or all the generators they bought on credit card will be returned for credit. It happens EVERY storm.

    Everyone in Florida start moving out now. Come on over to Texas, we have no rain, no wind and nothing but hotness. At least you won’t get wet.

    Texas was always my state of choice if I had to leave Florida for some reason..............

    But now........ Texas is being turned into Mexifornia with all the people moving there.

    They are fleeing Commiefornia because of liberal and democrat policies, but are voting for liberals and democrats so they can do the same to Texas.

    Mexicans and other immigrants are flooding Texas to get paid and have freedoms not available in their own countries,

    But are draining the government and demanding they be able to live and do as they do in their own countries, turning Texas into a 3rd world country.

    I'm thinking I will have to buy a 50' or bigger Yacht and live on it, traveling to different locales for a short time until I find a country that fits me.

    I'm afraid the USA is facing a turning point in the very very near future, and depending on which way it goes depends on which way I go.

    And a boat can sail AWAY from a hurricane, LOL

    Are you a newbie to Florida?

    This is ONLY a Cat 1, maybe a Cat 2.

    The only prep for this afternoon thundershower is buying some gas for the generator just in case.

    We don't even have decent hurricane party's until it gets to Cat 3.


    I believe as long as you are within the bounds of the law - if you can use the system to your benefit - more power to you. Of course I’m kinda biased - I made a pretty good living finding those loopholes for anyone that could pay....

    There are ups and downs to what they are doing. If they give up custody, they are limiting the "loopholes" available to them.

    I used to "gift" my children up to $10k each per year as well as pay them a "salary" for doing things for the business, as long as it did not exceed the limit where they would have to file a return or pay taxes on it.

    But then my children were not drooling, slobbering stupid idiots either. They used the money to pay for their vehicles, gas as well as their tuition.

    That way when they went to college, they were able to leave college with zero debt.

    Now my daughter makes more money than I do, LOL And I LOVE IT!!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Trump slanders everyone, are you saying...? :P

    Actually, he doesn't "slander" them.

    What he does do is tell the truth about them.

    But the way he does it is what the loser leftists don't like.

    Because the truth makes them looks like total loonies, anti-american as well as Nazi socialists.

    As the old saying goes, the truth is a bitch and it will set you free.

    What the left is afraid of is the people setting them free of their office and their free government ride.




    I also use LastPass to keep up with all my passwords because my aging brain just can't remember like it used to.

    That and as time goes on and technology keeps advancing you end up with more passwords by the day, it was getting to be too much to remember.

    And if you want to, LastPass will create passwords for you that are just a bunch of random letters numbers and symbols that have no meaning, and it will remember them for you.

    It's hell getting old, LOL

    I stopped going to Starbucks when they said they were a "gun free" zone and they did not want or need my money.

    Since I am NEVER in a gun free zone, I chose to honor their wishes and let them be a gun free zone.

    So as far as I care, they can go bankrupt and I would not even give a shit as I wouldn't drink their shitty coffee anyway.

    So..... Long die starbucks.