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    We don't need jail cells.

    If I am not mistaken, the punishment for treason against the country is punishable by DEATH.

    So all we need is a rifle, ammo, and a crematorium.

    And I agree.

    I am more interested in the government officials that become multi millionaires while making under 200k a year.


    I bought it for the wife (and me) and fell in love with it as soon as I drove it.

    It is a 2001 with 12k miles. Looks brand new (it practically is!), and has the soft and hard top too!

    But it is the most impractical vehicle ever designed. No storage, no trunk, hard to get into with a top up.

    But like the slingshot, it is fun to drive, and turns heads everywhere it goes.

    My new toy is the MB SL450 nosed up to it.

    I LOVE that car!!!!

    I guess I should not have said anything.

    I most certainly did not mean to denigrate anyone's personal taste.

    After all, I bought my 2015 fast grey 6 months before they were even in production.

    So after 7 years, I decided to change the looks of it a little.

    I changed the front fenders, modified the hood, added doors, added dual rear tires and reworked the rear end a little.

    And added a little paint and got exactly what I wanted.


    I am sorry, I just do not understand why someone would take a vehicle as unique and sexy as the slingshot and F*$& it up by putting one of those ugly assed monstrosities on it.

    If you do not like how it looks, why in the hell did you buy it?

    Those things look like something a 7 year old draws in school, and will do nothing but harm the handling of it.

    Just my opinion, and you know the saying about opinions.

    You are right.

    The doctor tells me what medications he would like to put me on, but he will not prescribe anything until i have a chance to research the specific medication, check out the side affects and I will let him know yes, call it in, or no, lets find another alternative.

    It is my body, and my responsibility to take care of it, not the fracking governments to tell me I HAVE to do this or that to it.

    Good Luck with that!!!!

    I have had approximately ZERO covid shots.

    I have had approximately ZERO flu shots.

    I have had both the covid and the flu and came through both with flying colors within 1 week.

    So now i have natural immunity, a stronger immune system, and a stronger body.

    To each his own.

    You think a persons rights to not get vaccinated are more important than the rights of other people to not be exposed to unvaccinated people???

    Rights are great, and I am all for rights and the freedom to choose, but a persons individual rights can and never should come at the expence of other peoples rights

    Lets go back a few years....

    Do you think it is right to force everyone else on a plane to NOT eat peanuts because 1 person has an allergy to peanuts?

    Jet fuel makes me break out, so should I be able to force all airplanes to be grounded because of that?

    Should people with shellfish allergies have ALL seafood restaurants to stop selling shellfish because they want to go there and eat chicken strips?

    I'm sorry, If you are the one person that is afraid of something or allergic to something, then stay away or protect yourself from everyone else in the world.

    Quit being so damn greedy and whiny.

    If you don't want to catch a virus or a cold, then get in a bubble before you go out, don't expect everyone else in the world to get in one so you dont have to.

    I don't know.

    But since they decided to design and build their own engine from the ground up instead of using one that already existed, and that never materialized.

    And now, they have decided to go all electric, I just assume y the time they decide to show one off, it will have a set of pedals in it to make it go.

    I Am NOT holding my breath on that idea, LOL

    Ahhh... Elio motors, the vaporware of vaporware.

    Yep, And I am eagerly awaiting for my turn to claim my reserved Elio.

    It is going to be so epic to wear my Elio shirt (if the moths have not eaten it yet) when I climb into it to pedal off into the sunset!!!!!