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    Damn! That sounded almost too good to be true so I looked it up. Unfortunately, stand your ground law does NOT protect you from civil litigation as per a Florida Supreme Court ruling. Found several articles about it - here’s a link to one of them:

    As I said

    once it has been approved by the courts.

    it "implies recognition by the Legislature that civil immunity will be determined separately in a civil proceeding."

    They can file suit, but in the initial hearing, the defendant and his attorney will plead the "Stand your ground" defense and as long as it is approved as valid claim, he will be granted immunity that will be that.

    Sadly, as you well know Bill, even if there are no criminal charges, the shooter can (& probably will) get sued in civil court (wrongful death, yada yada yada) by the family(ies) of the perpetrators due to our excessively litigious society. And, even if you “win” that, your “win” can cost you easily mid-6 digits. This is why ALL gun owners (whether or not you carry) should carry insurance for that. Personally, I chose USCCA but there are several good ones out there. Do your research but for crying out loud, get coverage to protect yourself from losing everything, even if a shooting was legal & justified.

    Not in Florida.

    We have "Stand your Ground" law here.

    Once he claims stand your ground and is granted it, he is immune from civil litigation suits and prosecution..

    Best damn law we have!!!!

    Ever had this happen to you?

    I once had a pollster call me and I agreed to answer their questions.

    During all the different questions I figured out it was a Democrap poll based on how the questions were very crefully worded.

    I brought this to their attention, how the particular way they were worded could only be answered one way.

    So we finished the poll, and I assumed he had figured out that I was a staunch Republican, and probably in his mind a right wing nut job, LOL

    At the end he actually said........

    "thank you for your time in answering the poll questions, but the poll is now full and we will not be able to use your results in the poll".

    Yea, Polls are bullshit and biased.


    Sorry Wolf,

    You failed with that one.

    He was not President when he wrote that.

    He was not Working for the Government when he wrote that.

    But he was a private citizen that had nothing to do with politics at the time.

    It was in his past, before public service, which by the way, he is donating all of his earnings as a public servant to charities.

    this might not happen

    And there is the problem, That most powerful word "MIGHT".

    IF that criminal would not have tried to pass off counterfeit money.....

    THAT cop would not have been sent to that business....

    THAT criminal would not have resisted arrest...

    causing THAT cop to go "Hands On" and restrain him with force...

    In MY opinion, the only way to stop all the bullshit happening in the country, a country supposedly founded on rules and laws to ensure civilized citizens can live in a civilized society is to ENFORCE those laws 100% with no regard to religion, race, age or economic standing.

    No plea bargaining, no deals, no reduced sentences, no early release.

    If you do "this" crime, you get "this" time. And NO concurrent sentences.

    To combat corruption in politics, term limits of 2 terms, PERIOD. After which no more public office, ANY OFFICE.

    Once done, you have NO ACCESS to government from your private job, no Advisory bull shit.

    NO "full" or "lifetime" retirement benefits.

    All you get is a 401K Match up to 3% or 6%, whatever.

    I'm a little confused here.

    But that is nothing different than any other day.

    If I drive someone else's vehicle and mess it up or hit something, MY insurance company would pay to fix it.

    So ask your "friend" to call HIS insurance company and have THEM pay for it, and leave your insurance company out of it,

    Or I guess you could have your insurance pay for it and then THEY SUE HIM for it.

    Now you might have to cover the deductible, but that is better than covering a $1000 plus bill out of your pocket.

    Now if you let your friend drive your vehicle and he does not have insurance on his own vehicles, then you kind of deserve it, we can call it a dumb ass tax.

    That has been the line all along. Even after that Republican lady in Florida got busted for voter fraud claimed, "They do it all the time, I was just leveling the field". Even during and at the fizzled end of Trumps, "Voter Fraud Task Force" that did an over one year investigation into voter fraud with no conclusive results.

    Do you and Orangeman assume that if it is Philly it must be Democrats? The article doesn't give a clue to what party or person's benefited from the fraud. It just says clients of a consulting firm. That could be any party or every party.

    Any voter fraud, Voter depression, map gerrymandering...should be rooted out because it all hurts our democratic process. All violators should be prosecuted and lose their right to vote.

    I like how when it is going to hurt the Dumbocrats, there has to be iron clad, indisputable proof which is then disregarded by the MSM and Dumbocrats, but just a mere allegation against a Repub is the end of the world, BAHAHA

    And I agree that ANY voter fraud, even if it's 1 person in 1 district, they should be rooted out, the offender punished by jail term, and the official that allowed it to happen be FIRED and prosecuted for failing to uphold the LAW.

    Lemme know when the Guv starts letting people back in FL - I been meaning to get down and visit....where did you say you kept the money so I won’t accidentally stumble on it ??? :00008172:

    Im sure Funinthesun is like me.

    I have wayyyyy more ammo than toilet paper.

    Might better keep your ass in Louisiana!!!!


    And THAT is why the President needs line item veto power.

    The ability to "just say no" to these wastes of money and only pay for what we put him in office to do.

    If the President line item veto's a critically needed item, the house and senate can over ride him with a super majority vote.

    So if it is a really critical item, we would still get it approved as long as it is really critical and necessary to the majority of people.