No Parking Brake Light

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  • OK- she has sat in the garage for 1 week- left in gear, but I never put the parking brake on in the garage, unless working on the sling. This morning, I figured I ought to run the engine for 10-15 minutes, since the weather is still lousy. Put it in neutral, apply parking brake, and start it up. Normal gauge cycle & start. No parking brake. Tried re-starts, tried starting in gear w/brakes applied, and then putting parking brake on, etc., etc. The brake is mechanically functional when I pull & release the lever-- just no light on the dash. No codes, and could find no info on it. Brake lights work properly...... Anybody else have this, or have any ideas? Not a biggie, (I don't think,) but I hate a trip to the dealer....... (It worked fine last time I used it- always apply parking brake when I am out and about.)

  • I had this issue as well. It was the switch under the e-brake.

    The problem here in Canada is that it requires the switch to actually activate in order to reset the code lockout. So I had to get this fixed before I could reset it. Warranty to the rescue again :)