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  • Kenny_h, I am new the SS life. Got my 2017 SLR this past Thursday. Would love to know more about the swing out rack that you have and who makes them. Do you have a pic of the swing with out the Givi attached? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • Can you grant me access to “not safe for work” please, thanks

  • R U riding this weekend?

  • Hi Kenny. I live in Deltona, ride almost every day but the only time I've seen your SS was at the Bike week/brewery run. For that matter I had no idea anyone else in Deltona had one of these.

    • Yo....Whut up? I am off of Courtland and Newmark. gpcustoms is in Deltona as well. If you want to ride sometime, let me know.

  • Kenny I just sent you a message and I think I found the answer and wanted to let you know. lol. Just wanting to make sure it turns out okay. It would appear I just have to pull the "hump" covers in rear so I'll give that a try and go from there.

  • I read that you didn't pull the deck panels off to install a harness? Would you please tell me how you accomplished that? I have no qualms about doing some cutting but I'm leery of breaking panels if I have to pull them. I'd appreciate any help.

  • Let me know when you get your SS back. Not sure if I am going to MV this year.

  • WOW another nut in Deltona ! Maybe we could meet up sometime. My SS isn't here, bought it in December in Kentucky, still there only got a couple of hundred miles on it before the cold hit and I hopped back to Floriduh. Going back for a little spring turkey hunting and some work around the shop, get the SS ready for MV.

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had an amazing birthday this year!!!

  • Happy Birthday Brother

  • hello helloooo got a queston for you maybe you can help us.... we are starting to make Meet & Greet in the Central and West side of florida... would you like to be part of this events.... can you provide some tshirt, stickers or anything.... the first one will be tmorrow Saturday but this is only a tryout to see how it will be.. the next one will be on the last saturday of aug at KMS in Kissimmee. this one is schedule for 2-6 pm then a ride to Old Town and a lightshow at the same place. any help will be appreciated

    Hector Ortiz

  • Can you send me some info on size and install any pictures would help Thanks paul@mybackporch dot US

    • For what?

    • Header used ,Side pipe size and any picture of the engine bay with the pipe routing Thanks.

  • We have boarheads brand hot dogs by us. 1/4 lb hot dogs all beef. Let me know text me 219 363 8281

    • That sounds good. I'm down for whatever. Guesss we need to see what everyone is planning on doing.

  • Kenny, love your add ons. How did you mount those clover lights?

  • Kenny,

    Do you do other organizations shirts? I belong to a GoldWing Chapter and I my have an opportunity for you!

  • Is it ok to just give ya the cash when I come visit??

  • I forget the name of the company. I think they were down by Miami. I will look for the name and let you know.

  • Hey Kenny - how ya doin - coming to Tampa for couple weeks after Biketoberfest in Panama City. Hope to see ya then. Question - ran into bunches of people that love the shirts you had made for Maggie Valley - got a guy in Houston that wants to make some shirts like this with his own design. Who was the manufacturer for those shirts?? Thanks

  • FJFord of course

  • Also, EJ is holding my room - I have PM'd him but no response and I needd to let him know if anyone chats with him.

  • Kenny, My significant other broke her leg in three places. She will be in the hospital in Germany for a month. For that reason I'm not going to SSITS, I have to be reachable. IRT my shirts you can let them go the XXL and the Small for Painter's wife Kay. It was a surprise so she will not know. If no buyer of course I will still send the money - I will need a paypal address. Thanks friend. Steve

  • Hey Kenny - got a friend from other forum trying to get on but says no confirmation email. His handle is thesabrerattler. Thanks

  • ok

  • please delete thread " What did you do to your Slingshot today?"

  • Let me check on that.

    • any ideas yet on how to change this or should I just add a new post and delete yours?
      if so then I need get everyone to reconfirm who is coming.
      What ever works best I want to move here 100%

    • I will look at it now.

    • I should be able to add or tag you so you get alerts

  • Kenny
    How can I change the Blues and booze event so that it registered to me and the alerts come to me. I think since you posted it everything will come to you.

  • Kenny - Thanks for getting my event moved over.
    Hope we get to see you there....