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  • Yes! I do now have insurance coverage on my CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT/carry gun. I have the ELITE coverage thru USCCA. Also while I was looking around on the forum over there I found a list of ANTI Gun BUSINESS's. They are located on the CCRKBA web site, it JUST might surprise you. :thumbsup:

  • Here is another tidbit that like to post pictures of guns that you have on Facebook and other places. Do not do it, Google and others check serial numbers and logs them building up a directory of the guns that you own to be used at a later date. TRUE STORY So do not post pictures unless you mask the numbers.

  • Here is another tidbit that like to post pictures of guns that you have on Facebook and other places. Do not do it, Google and others check serial numbers and logs them building up a directory of the guns that you own to be used at a later date. TRUE STORY So do not post pictures unless you mask the numbers.

    Is it 'OK' for me to post a map of where I have a 100# of gold hidden in the back yard.

    About the same thing.

  • Anti gun companies/businesses:


    (Not a comprehensive list either - unfortunately, the # of anti gun institutions grows daily 🤬)

    now I have to switch back to Direct Tv, stop eating burgers, stop wearing pants, stop watching cartoons, quit eating yogurt, dump my computer, switch to homeopathic medicine, Stop watching MSM Channels, quit buying stuff on the internet, stop sending birthday cards....these commies just ruined my life....

  • true or false....every gun has been test fired and the FBI has all the rifling marks on file....

    but do they know the location / owner of every gun?

    if they do not then being able to identify a gun from a fired bullet becomes less valuable

    probably makes owning long guns more secure than owning registered handguns

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  • they know more than you think....

    I'm in California - my carbine was purchased in June of 2014, in January of that year the state started registering long guns - - pretty sure the State government knows exactly what guns we own - - frankly I am not particularly worried about it - - If they ever decide to outlaw gun ownership I will follow the rules - - wont like it, but I am not try to shoot it out with the military or the police - - and after they take our guns that would probably be about the time my wife and I moved our permanent residence to the Philippines - - - they wont let me have a gun there either, but I suspect my need for one would be much less out in one of the provinces by the beach with everyone in the neighborhood pretty much being family

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  • sounds bad, but you need to understand than the Philippines is not like many other countries, the Philippines is actually a group of over 7,500 separate islands and these islands are mostly grouped into three geographical areas from north to south Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao - - - the terrorist problems are very real, but they are also almost completely located the very southern region and caused by a very small population of Islamic idiots - - overall the Philippines is over 90% Christian with about 80% identifying as Catholic the Muslims are only around 6% with almost all of them living in southern Mindanao and the near by islands - - - - In general if you stay away from those areas terrorism is not a problem that you would need to worry about - - like many things a bit of common sense - - - kind of like knowing it is stupid for a tourist to go hiking along the North Korean border the same thing applies here. Stay away from Mindanoo - and and the immediate area and you are very safe, just like here dont be stupid and wander around without knowing the area - use some common sense

    just to give you an idea, My wife's family is from Luzon which is the largest of the Islands it is also the Island the red area in this map as you can see in the other map Mindanao, the area where the terrorist activity is an issue, is separated by an entire group of islands (Visayas) and a bunch of water - -

    i-BQvGSmX-M.png  i-kGrfZP3-M.png

    of course Manila which is on Luzon, like any big city has its risks and some idiot could show up there with a bomb just like they could in New York, but the areas my wife's family is from, and the area were we would likely choose to live are out away from Manila either in the Cavite area which is a suburban area south of Manila or all the way down at the southern end of Luzon, down near the tip of the red area in the picture on the left, we went there my last trip in January of this year and it is a 12 hour drive from Manila and it is also a very rural fishing and agricultural area that does not see many tourists - - worrying about terrorists there is not something I would do

    this is my wife and my granddaughter on the beach in what is basically the back yard where where one of her sisters lives down at the end on Luzon


    and this is the Cavite area closer to Manila near where 2 of her brothers live


    To be honest if it were not for all of our grandchildren being here in the States my wife and I would be off to live in the Philippines in a heart beat - - nicest most friendly people I have ever met, and family / Christian values that remind my of how this country was in the 1950's - - Christianity is not something anyone over there is trying to get rid of like you see here - it is still very much a part of everyones public life, in the schools, and in government

    trust me - its like going back in time, values, morality I love the place - - the people may be very poor in dollars, but they are wealthy beyond imagination in the things I believe count

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  • There’s no place like home....

    well my wife is from the Philippines - - and she is a U.S. Citizen - - - -so she has two homes - - - and that gives us options that may not be so easy for others - - - - having options when the SHTF is never a bad thing.

    when all of congress is run by AOC clones you might wish you had options as well

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  • Thanks :thumbsup:

    As a side note Tripod I am very glad that you decided to start hanging out here on the forum again I enjoy your humor and I think you add something here that makes it better than it was without you.

    You also seem to have a knack for posting exactly the right thing at exactly the right time to lighten things up when it is needed :thumbsup:

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