Wanted to Buy Aftermarket Shocks

  • I know that this is a long shot, but no harm in trying- perhaps there is someone who upgraded their aftermarket shocks to JRI 2 way adjustables or something.........
    Had the privilege of driving a sling with JRI's, versus my stock shocks.......... Need I say more? Maybe Noel Hughes has a bunch laying around the shop............ (wishful thinking). Anyway, since the Wicked White 1 has red accents, that would be my first choice-
    Please PM with what you have, cost, etc.

    Somebody feel free to let me know if I put this in the wrong category-maybe it should go in marketplace, but I don't have Jack for sale........ :(

  • Dee, sent you a PM (Conversation)...

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  • I put the Bullet Speed Quad kit on my SS so I have a left over QA1 Dual adjustable shock for the SS rear. Parting all my left over SS swingarm & angle drive stuff out at < 1/2 price. FWIW, I think the rear shock is responsible for 80% of the drivers impression of shock performance. The QA1's were a HUGE improvement over the stockers.