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    Yeah, still in the Twin Cities metro area. Definitely an old issue, thought I was immune at this point. That one spot is actually some dirty adhesive residue from a sticker that was on the rim. Rim has zero impact marks on it. I believe this is just the standard fatigue crap design/casting. Calling around trying to find one locally. New one from Polaris is obsurd. Hope I find one soon, have a buyer for the Sling of course and then this happens.

    Went to pull my Slingshot out today and doing a walk around spotted that a spoke on the right front rim is broken/cracked. Has never hit anything, no rim rash, look new except that spoke is cracked all the way through. I remember this being an issue which is why they changed the rims in 2016, but since the main and extended warranty has lapsed, anyone know if Polaris will take care of this or at least cover part or most of it? Last thing I wanted to do was spend money buying new rims when I have it for sale, but can't sell it like this.

    Called the dealer who didn't have an answer but willing to open a case on it so have to bring the rim in to them.

    I know, I don't post much anymore, seems always something distracting me to other things.
    Last week virtually all the snow was melted, looking forward to warmer weather, even had the Sling out last month and put some miles on in 50 deg temps.
    Then this past weekend happened, 23" of snow, mid April, what the hell! We might see a 50 this weekend, but the average now is supposed to be mid 60's.

    I think part of my reduction is that they base it on our reduced riding season, typically parked December thru March.
    Originally everyone else when first looking it was well over a grand. State Farm here in Minnesota won't even cover it, rumored now they might, I haven't checked.

    While I intend to replace my shifter setup with a new boot, short shifter and knob, the total cost of all items is keeping me from doing so for the time being. We had a bad storm come thru with golf to egg size hail and damage the roof, gutters, siding, 4 windows, 3 vehicles and a broke windshield. While covered, the deductibles are eating into mods cash.

    So I asked my dealer about my shifter boot which for some reason has extreme dry rot between the folds, this is only it's 3rd summer which just started. It was actually bad at the end of last season. He felt as well it shouldn't be this bad and contacted Polaris for a replacement. Polaris is warranting the item, but did so as a 'Goodwill' gesture. Now while I appreciate them doing so, at what point does this warranty not cover this? Or why would they feel they shouldn't cover this? Only 2 years old, I actually have a top on most of the time blocking the sun, uv rays etc and you have made it out of a material that cannot sustain more than 2 years without breaking down?

    It's not a high ticket item, but it just seems odd to me for this item that they would respond that maybe it wouldn't be covered, thoughts? I have the extended warranty on mine as with the first year model, I still believe was the smart thing to purchase, maybe even if you bought one now.


    So 2 weeks ago had the latest round of recalls done, brakes have been excellent!
    Since then the battery has died and now I'm getting the Brake Failure Light, switches on order..

    What goes next?? Everything was working so good for 3 months!

    Had a great evening and was great to meet his better half. We talked about Slings and our wives talked about us talking about Slings!

    You will never regret helping out a fellow Slinger!

    It's funny sort of, last time I drove it, it was fine, pulled in the garage and parked it. Yesterday went to use it and it was dead.
    So I pulled the battery, it had a fair amount of corrosion on the positive terminal, thought on the off chance, maybe it just needed a cleaning. Wrong!
    When I hooked it back up, it was even worse where it wouldn't even power up the lcd screen. So..

    Yellow top Optima installed, found one for $219, wow, heavy and a snug fit, but got-r-done!

    Help! Went out to fire up my Sling this morning and the fricking battery is dead out of the blue!

    So it looks like the Yellow Top would be a good choice (FYI, mines a 2015 SL), Alot of posts about the Yellow Top, but haven't found or seen a part number or model of the Yellow Top that people are using. Which one! Help me out guys!

    Finally got some time to post results on my recall update. Dealer got it done in 1 day, brakes are awesome now, granted not as awesome as a aftermarket, but for stock, better than they ever have been. The Screaming noise that started coming from I believe the right angle drive this spring after the update has diminished to a whisper. Not sure what it was or why, but glad that it has. Been enjoying a couple of runs with Henry and some other guys in the area. Zoom! Zoom!