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  • Well, I don't know if this would be called woodworking...

    Spent 6 months clearing 3 acres of timber with chain saw, ax, log roller, splitting maul, and fire. All that just to get a space to build a house.

    Looked a lot like this before I started...

    Currently I have to deal with this...

    Only one thing about woodworking that I don't understand...

    Why, when a tree at the edge of the woods falls,

    does it always fall into the yard??

    Slingshot Flyer! Well, of course it's red...

  • I understand, it took me 1 year to clear my 3/4 acre with a 5 pound axe. The front half you could not even walk through. I did not want to tear the place up and I wanted to save the live oaks that I had, they were about 3 inch thru at the time and now they are almost 2 foot thru. This was around 1975 and I was young at the time and did not have the money for a chain saw

  • When I get a wild hair I like to spend time in

    My wood shop. I play with my lathe making pens and bowls. I also make an occasional yard angel.

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  • Not again... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I've noticed the OP usually states something or asks a question and then doesn't reply again... The ladder thread anyone?

    But, it does get you all talking... Just don't reply for the sake of the OP is what I'm saying...

    I could be wrong though... 🤷🏻‍♂️