I'm calling it a mod...

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  • Okay, this mod is attached to me, not to Ruby, but it will be on board when ever I'm riding!

    Just got this new Citizen chronograph.

    Chronographs have been a part of racing tech for as long as cars & tracks have been around. This Citizen (model AT8124-83E if you're interested) is a quartz chrono accurate to 1/20th sec, and boasts a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and a tachometer bezel. It also synchronizes with the atomic tower each night and has a perpetual calendar good through the year 2100. Solar powered so it never needs a battery change.

    Old-guy awesome! 🤠

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  • Awesome watch Doc&Ruby !! I am a self confessed watch addict (well all timepieces actually) and I love collecting and wearing watches that have an interesting background or assortment of functions for the price. I don't have this particular Citizen in my collection yet, but I have them on my radar!!! I am always getting out my Citizen Navihawk A-T Chronograph #JY8031-56L (The Blue Angels edition with shark mesh strap) I'm a full fledged nerd and love playing with the slide rule bezel on that thing.

    Thanks for sharing a shot of your nice watch!!!

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