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  • With it being a procharger instead of a ddm or alpha(only ones that offer Superchargers for the sling) makes it a definite pass, I have only heard of two people in the forums getting the procharger and both ran poorly and had a lot of problems.

    Now both could be due to human error on the installer part , I know that procharger makes great products used all over muscle cars and what not but the fact remains that at least in our little corner not many are using it and those that tried things didn't go well.

    Is not that I am mean, I just don't sugarcoat what I say.

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  • PierceArrow Welcome to the family! I was new here a couple years ago and this is definitely the best spot to land. There are a lot of great people here and all are willing to share their experiences and knowledge. The information you can find on this forum is extensive to say the least. You'll also make some great friends along the way and you may just get to meet them as well if you attend some events. I went to the Maggie Valley event for the first time this year and finally got to meet and ride with a lot of the "Usual Suspects" on here. It was a great time and the best event I've attended yet. As with everyone else here, my door is also always open, and if you ever have any questions on mods please feel free to ask. You can PM me or email me directly at Also, that 1930 Chevy is absolutely awesome. I love cars from that era.

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  • Thank you very much Kyle for the kind words and the encouragement. So far everyone here has been top notch. I came just hoping to find the courage to sell my car, and buy a slingshot, now it can’t get out of here fast enough and I want one so bad I can taste it 😅

    I’m sure I will be looking you up once I get one and start modding myself. Thank you!

  • Personally I would be very hesitant to buy a boosted slingshot, unless I knew the person selling it and its history I would be concerned that it might be very abused

    If mine is ever for sale, I'll assure now, it is very abused!

    Alpha Supercharger is still spinning fine... it gets rode hard, every time.

  • Well, school starts back up for me on Monday. I apologize for being away for so long but the wife and I have been enjoying the new (well new to us) Slingshot that we found here on the forum. We bought Chad Warren's 2015 Slingshot SL. He, like everyone else here, was absolutely phenomenal to work with. We are over the moon happy. We have put almost 1,500 miles on it taking day trips over about 4 weeks. When we purchased it Chad said it was loud and he included a Thermal R&D exhaust kit to put on it. I took the wife for a spin and she told me I better leave it loud :thumbsup: which surprised the heck out of me. We have about 2K in mods were looking at and quite a few of them are for looks or convenience but we couldn't be happier and didn't know what we were missing. I even have my parents wanting to get one now. Thanks again guys for all the help and guidance to get here.