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    Yes they wouldn’t admit to shipping me something extra... his name isn’t Bill Cody by chance? It’s the name above mine on all 4 shipping labels...

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    Now it might be coincidence but a neighbor(not a slingshot guy) of mine just bought a QJ from HD and is missing a box 2 , but in his case it is marked as shipped but it was not delivered.

    How do you misplace a stupidly large and heavy box in a truck, if there is something that you are going to make sure you don't take to the wrong house if for no other reason just so you don't have to lift the darn thing quickjack is it. :/

    And a few states away. I don't believe in coincidences... and besides the Home Depot employee assured me they couldn't have made a mistake. Hah!

    I hope they ship a new one to your neighbor. If HD would send me a label, I'd ship this one.

    So I finally pulled the trigger on getting a Quick Jack. I don't have a Costco membership so I paid an extra $100.00 from Home Depot. They arrived yesterday and I began the unboxing process last night. Strangely enough, I have 1 left side and 2 right sides... I'm assuming HD shipped it by mistake, however they wanted to argue with me on the phone today about it. All that being said... I have an extra right side, still in the box (76 lbs) that I will hold onto for a few days if someone needs it.

    Any of you 3's da life fender guys still have your '15 driver side splash guard lying around taking up space? I forgot to read the warning label that said "Do not put your hand here to lift your fat ass up off the ground" and cracked mine in the center.

    The smiles per miles on this exceed expectations by an order of magnitude! The faster you corner and then launch out of it, the more the giggle factor kicks in. I feel like I'm 12 again at the go-kart track...

    Definitely the best purchase ever for fun.

    My signature line of getting rode hard every time is not just a cute saying... I'm supercharged and consistently redline 2 and 3rd gear... mainly I like the g's and the wooosh noise it makes. I must admit I've never changed the angle drive oil (24000 miles) I'm on my third rear tire... I think there must be a few bad angle drives out there, or maybe I just have a good one.

    Welcome to the forum canegrinder . Yes! There is a lot of info on this forum. Also to help you out learn how to use the search function and if you cannot find what you want or need there just ask. Near about anything you can ask has been covered in great detail before

    Not that we don't mind hashing, rehashing and beating a dead horse every once in awhile … Welcome canegrinder!