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    Well, school starts back up for me on Monday. I apologize for being away for so long but the wife and I have been enjoying the new (well new to us) Slingshot that we found here on the forum. We bought Chad Warren's 2015 Slingshot SL. He, like everyone else here, was absolutely phenomenal to work with. We are over the moon happy. We have put almost 1,500 miles on it taking day trips over about 4 weeks. When we purchased it Chad said it was loud and he included a Thermal R&D exhaust kit to put on it. I took the wife for a spin and she told me I better leave it loud :thumbsup: which surprised the heck out of me. We have about 2K in mods were looking at and quite a few of them are for looks or convenience but we couldn't be happier and didn't know what we were missing. I even have my parents wanting to get one now. Thanks again guys for all the help and guidance to get here.

    Thank you very much Kyle for the kind words and the encouragement. So far everyone here has been top notch. I came just hoping to find the courage to sell my car, and buy a slingshot, now it can’t get out of here fast enough and I want one so bad I can taste it 😅

    I’m sure I will be looking you up once I get one and start modding myself. Thank you!

    Personally I’m a little hesitant on a supercharged test engine. I just imagine the piss being driven out of it. I have never supercharged an engine personally but been around them and had friends add one, and I know when doing it on a car, you have to use special gaskets (copper) and head studs all sortable of stuff.

    Guardian_Angel brings up a good point. I am particular when it comes to my machinery, carpentry etc. I want to do things the “right way” I hide my work like wiring and go the extra mile so it’s better than new ideally. I’m gonna keep searching for a deal on a stock model if possible. Electrical is my biggest enemy. I can do it but hate it, and don’t want to stumble into someone else’s mess.

    Here is the description from the supercharged listing:


    With only 1,100 miles. It’s virtually brand new!

    This is a one of a kinda slingshot owned by ProCharger to use as a development vehicle for these amazing supercharged kits.

    It’s got all the goodies in place like the backup camera, stereo, LED lights etc. Runs and drives like stock other then loads and loads more HP!

    This thing is a riot to drive spirited and absolutely needs a much stickier tire in the rear :)

    MINOR BELM: as shown in the photos there are two minor paint chips on the nose. Which could easily be touched up. It happened when the hood was removed during supercharger install.

    If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to ask.

    I’d love to see this 35 Ford. I was looking at used Slings and saw a supercharged SL for 18k. 260 hp. I can only imagine the acceleration on that thing. I can’t wait to get one and meet up for some cruises!

    Lmfao!!!! Oah if only. if the Jay Leno route were an option, I don’t think I’d be teaching anymore that’s for sure! I hope so, that’s one of my favorite things driving an old car is the attention, so that’s something I don’t want to lose.

    To be fair, I own a 1951 Ford truck, a 1951 Dodge truck, 1966 Mustang and the Chevy. I have owned a 26 model T, a 28 Buick ( which got me in an issue of Hemmings motor news) and a 1948 Chevy fleet line among the highlights. Another appeal of the slingshot as many have said is the reliability. We have friends in Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, so driving something just as unique but with those traits appeals to me and my wife.

    Oah man, everyone here is phenomenal! Thank you all so much for the warm welcome. Where to start....

    I do have a daily drive a 2012 Chevy Volt, so I wouldn’t have to ride year round. I am very interested in it though now that you mention it. I only drive 1.2 miles to work, and it could be pretty fun. Those of you that have driven in snow how does it get around? I can handle the cold better than I do sweltering heat.🥵

    As for a trailer I do have a 28ft beaver tail trailer. I helped a friend haul a classic fire truck on it, so I think the slingshot will fit. That was the biggest and scariest thing I’ve pry ever done, but that’s a story for another time.

    For the most part it’s just my wife and I that would be using it and I would/could drive it everyday weather permitting. Any things you guys would recommend looking out for when going to look at used models?

    Also (loaded question) what would you say are your essential mods? The mods that made the biggest difference for you, be it comfort, ride, performance, etc.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome it’s much appreciated. I love my “extended” family in the classic car club and was afraid to leave that community but I’m finding out that there are really strong ties that run in Sling shot groups and I think that’s amazing!

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been stalking the slingshot forums for months now and keep coming back so I figured even though I don’t yet own one I might as well join. Little about me, my wife and I are both 31 and very active in the classic car culture here in the Midwest. I’m a shop teacher by trade and as you may have guessed it teach Auto shop among other things.

    I have some classic vehicles but my main one that we use for cruising and events is a 1930 Chevy Sedan. We both love it to death but would like something that goes a little faster, is more reliable and we can take on some serious excursions. Now we don’t have the space to store more vehicles so we’re mulling over getting a slingshot and selling the old car. I’m here to learn the pros and cons of slingshots (a lot of which I have garnered from various threads) as well as make friends. I’ve found that any sort of community around machines be it cars, tractors or auto cycles is usually a good group of people. I look forward to learning about everyone and from everyone, and welcome any advice that may help us make the switch.

    I am torn about leaving one type of adventure for another but I keep coming back to the slingshot, and I know those that have them are extremely happy. Just scared to make the change. :)