Interesting Harley article

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  • If there weren't enough reasons to abandon this thread. Sorry I helped to derail this. Harley has done many things that have led to it's demise. The US automakers have also tried to make the best profit and in ways it has hurt them. Now, a jump to bicycles, and comparing it to who can buy a car from the original...… Well I'm out. Y'all have fun.

    Back to the feeling that there's a troll under the bridge. Hope someone figures it out. Maybe somehow the moons will align. Until then, y'all have fun. I'm out.

  • This is so true. You wouldn't believe how many used Harleys with low miles are for sale on Craigslist in my area. They could have their own category outside of motorcycles.

    2018 SLR LE
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    My girlfriend loves SS more than me but can't drive a manual laugh-squaredlaugh-squared Lucky me!!!

  • This might be the future of car manufactures...they are very close to pricing themselves out of business....

    They are close to pricing themselves out of business. Truck prices are even worse. This hits close to home for me right now. Here are the numbers

    A 2019 Ford F250xl is $38720

    I bought a 2011 model exactly the same equipment all the way down to the color with 58,000 miles on it for $19,000 from a dealer. Truck looks like its never been sat in. Bed has never had anything in it.

    Gently used for half the price of new. No way I would pay the difference just for it to be brand new.

    2018 SLR LE
    Bullet Speed Top

    My girlfriend loves SS more than me but can't drive a manual laugh-squaredlaugh-squared Lucky me!!!

  • Wow...I don’t even know what to think about this

    GM Will Start Selling Folding, Electric Bikes in 2019

    Is this to get all the customers they priced out of buying a new car?

    GM had made an announcement that they were going into the electric market in a big way saying they expected to have 40 models of electrics in 5 years. They might be trying to be innovative to hold onto a high price market as car manufacturers abandon low price vehicles. It'll be interesting to see if they're talking real electrics or just low gain hybrids. The bicycle is probably an offshoot. Doubtful it'll be competitive with cheaper Chinese alternatives.
    Back to Harley on this. Harley has also announced a full electric bike which will be interesting. One of their biggest failures has been in innovation simply tweaking the same models with new names year after year with bigger price tags.

  • Scott Wine CEO of Polaris Industries, had this to say about the bike industry Oct 22 in his third quarter report . (and it appears he agrees with everything your all saying above , the heavyweight market is in decline , however Indian is still turning a profit and gaining market share, due to the success of it's mid size Scouts and Bobbers)

    "Indian was up low single digits with strength in Scout and Bobber offsetting industry weakness and declines in Indian heavyweight bikes. Even amid unprecedented promotions by a competitor, in September we surpassed 25% market share in midsized bikes for the first time in our history and look forward to building those riders into lifelong customers.
    Slingshot retail was down again and while we are working hard to gain traction with our partnerships and grassroot marketing efforts, we do not expect to return to growth until mid-2019 for Slingshot.
    Bennington posted strong third quarter retail and saw encouraging dealer demand for their new boats.
    Authenticity is extremely important to brands these days, particularly with the younger demographic we are seeking to attract. Our Indian Motorcycle team and racers took this to heart as they launched the new FTR 1200 in the most authentic way possible. The flat track racer is our first standard bike and perfectly complements our fast-growing midsized segment. "

    From their launch info;

    What’s New: The FTR 1200 and FTR 1200 S are all-new for 2019. These are very significant motorcycles because they represent the first ones in Indian’s modern history that aren't cruisers. These could be considered standard bikes, naked bikes, or roadsters, offering up a neutral yet sporty riding position instead of the laid-back ergonomics found in the company's other offerings.These bikes have an all-new frame and engine unique to the FTR 1200 lineup. Indian is making it sound like this new modular platform and engine will be the basis of more new motorcycles in the future. Since pretty much every component of these bikes is brand new, there’s a lot to unpack here.
    The engine is a liquid-cooled 1203cc V-twin that kicks out very respectable performance numbers of 120 horsepower and 85 pound-feet of torque. It’s linked to a six-speed manual transmission with a power-assisted slipper clutch. By comparison, the 1130cc V-twin that powers the Scout makes 100 hp and 72 lb-ft of twist. That means the FTR is positioned above the Scout line and below the bigger Chief in Indian’s lineup, and it's reflected in prices of $12,999 for the FTR 1200 and $14,999 for the FTR 1200 S.

  • Here’s another company’s survival plan...

    Ford buys electric scooter startup Spin

    Seems like the vehicle manufactures have figured out how to cater to the millenials ...

    Electric scooters and bicycles....since they don’t have jobs, live at home, don’t get married, don’t buy houses, cars, major appliances or furniture they target them with relatively cheap fun transportation..

    This won’t be sustainable for major manufactures to stay in business...especially since they think they deserve everything for, food, healthcare, housing. When the baby boomers die off there will be nobody left working to pay taxes for all this free stuff.....then what happens.....we dive into a third world country with starvation, food riots, crime, criminal overlords...slavery.

    But everyone got a participation trophy, a good report card and a ton of video game experience...

    A married society makes for a strong country....these kids are embracing socialism.