• My SS only have 700 miles and my shaft pivot (hollow) out of round in the middle.??
    When I pick up my new SS at the dealer and i saw my belt off center already (main spine lot move toward rt side).
    The shop tech that normal ! Okay.
    I have been kept my eyes on it since.
    This week I'm on vacation n plus I have a hard time closing my hood completely latch. I decided to bring it in, but to a different dealer.
    The service writer told me that the hood is fine, I just need to drop it down hard.
    Then I show him my final drive belt off center, so he called his tech.
    The tech person recommended to align n see.
    1hr later, Tech. explain what he has done ( aligned it n the belt still wallk toward outward).
    Then he suggested that he should take it apart .
    1hr+ later he shown me what caused (shaft pivot was bent ( wasn't rounded in the middle)).
    Another tech said that it could be, when they did the recall (swing arm bearing). They must have over tight both end, which has caused it to bent.
    The service writer told me that it no safe to drive it.
    They have got an approved to get it fix under warranty.
    I'm hoping it just that part only n nothing else.
    Has anyone ran into this problem???

  • Glad the dealer is taking the necessary steps to straighten it out for you. Hopefully when you get it back it will be permanently fixed and you can enjoy your ride!

    Tim "Ghost" Ganey
    Winfield, Alabama