My attempt at a tethered gas cap

  • After owning my Slingshot for 2-3/4 years, a couple weeks ago I left my gas cap on the rear deck and lost it after I drove away from the gas station. I used @samowens44 idea and initially used some Velcro to secure the cap against a roll bar, but I was concerned it might not stay secured if I left the gas cap there and hit a decent speed so I thought I'd try making a tether to secure the gas cap.

    My first thought was to try and make some kind of rotating plate that I could secure against the bottom of the gas cap via a hose clamp or by gluing some blocks tot eh gas cap, but I wasn't sure what glue to try and the hose clamp looked like it would stick out too far. I also wasn't looking forward to trying to cut a large washer-style piece with a lip to secure some kind of chain between the gas cap and the gas filler neck and making it smooth enough to freely rotate around the gas cap, so I found some light chain at my local True Value.
    Step 1 - Step 2 -

    Here's a GIF showing how the tether ring should rotate around the underside of the gas cap -

    Step 3 - Step 4 -

    I still think a rotating metal disc held in place somehow against the underside of the gas cap with a pull chain or slightly heavier 'bathtub' chain might work better. As long as the metal disc can rotate freely, a shorter pull chain/'bathtub' chain tether could be used w/o getting caught between the filler neck and the nut that secures the filler neck/tank to the rear deck insert. The cable tie ring worked as an expedient way of holding the tether ring in place against the underside of the gas cap, but a more secure method would obviously be better. I was reluctant to drill thru the side of the gas cap since the gas cap seals the tank in a non-venting manner and drilling a hole might compromise the seal.
    I challenge our more creative members to devise and sell me a better tether mechanism.

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  • For me, habit and routine solves the issue. As a matter of practice, I remove the nozzle then replace the cap before placing the nozzle back in the pump cradle. Keeping this order in my routine will hopefully prevent me from forgetting the cap. I started out placing the cap on the driver's seat which also worked but now I keep it close so the order of my routine becomes more important.

    Remember folks - this isn't a rehearsal, it's The Show!8)

  • Something I have been needing to do since day one...

    And still haven't looked seriously at that.

    My thoughts are to use a plastic coated cable... similiar to a guitar string with mini swedge. Simple loop harness and secure to a screw...

    I really need to look at this.

    Slingshot Flyer! Well, of course it's red... :REDSS:

  • A true case story, While using my velcro system, I did forget my cap,but had it secured with my Velcro Mounting point. and fail to attach properly to Cap Location. after driving home from the ride, it was still there. If you do use Velcro, use a strong grade. They make the product for weight specs. I used a light weight spec Velcro, I would advise going to a strong value. I testify, event the light duty held my cap. It should be place in the corner with two points of contact. I feel it is still the best and least effort solution.

  • My main concern with a tether and chain material would be if the cap were to dance around on the deck from the wind turbulence and bumps that are encountered with driving. 100 Miles with curvy roads and bumps could produce some marring possibly on the deck. Leaving the cap on the deck it just falls off with no damage. Whatever action you take you do not want a more expensive repair than replacing the cap. This needs to be tested. Just introducing thought!

  • No picture so I'll attempt description. Using a cheap woven dog collar, friend screwed into the gas cap for one end, two holes in the black under the roll bar for a zip tie for the other. Worked great and was simple. Dog collar did start to fray. I was given a red gas cap during SSITS last year, and I kept the old one. However, Lanny lost his gas cap right after that so I gave the used one to him. I now lay the gas cap in the seat.