Alternative Subwoofer Enclosure Location for the Polaris Slingshot!!

  • I will sit in the seat and take a picture later today.

    Interesting you say this as I thought about my 6'5" son with size 14 shoes and how he might fit.

    The subs don't have a protective grill so I wondered if he might inadvertently stuff his big foot into a speaker!

  • Now they (underground auto styling) have these floor pan replacements with built-in Subwoofer enclosures... Wonder if they'd work with planted seat brackets? But cost will likely be a bajillion dollars...

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  • Now they (underground auto styling) has these floor pan replacements with built-in Subwoofer enclosures... Wonder if they'd work with planted seat brackets? But cost will likely be a bajillion dollars...

    $850 for a pair $500 for one

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  • @DKF Texas - LOL. So true, good to have choices! Why not both?

    I suspect it will come down to cost considerations, bass level desired space constraints (give up space under the glove box vs a seat) and personal preference on your desired audio quality.

    I will say the two 6.5" subs do a nice job filling in the lower spectrum. I was at a stop light last night and noticed the side mirrors vibrating from the music and chuckled like a little kid. :thumbsup:

    With a 10" sub under the passenger seat and a remote sub volume knob, you could probably make the passenger a little nauseous!

  • I just re-read this thread and thought a few follow-up comments on my experience would be helpful.

    1) I never went back and re-installed the pod or addressed the spinning bolt issue. Hasn’t mattered one bit. Nothing has moved, loosened up, or fallen apart.

    2) My initial concern with the wire connection on the right side of the pod - well it’s not an issue. You can’t really see it and just plan for a little extra length of the speaker cable and you will be fine.

    3) No one has put a toe up into the speakers and damaged them.

    4) I am very pleased with the 6.5” subs output and the quality of the pod.

    just my $.02.

  • @Live-a-Little! since you've had the under glove box subwoofers installed, would you recommend the installation of a 10" or 12" subwoofer behind the driver's seat to compliment it? Or, do you think the 6.5"s are enough and the addition of one more full sub would be overkill? I'm asking because I'd considered perhaps the two together but wasn't sure of the amount of bass the fronts put out, and it would leave me with one rear storage available for my daughter's helmet. Thanks.

  • @Zorasmiles - for what I have and my setup, I like the base level I get out of the two 6.5” subs (I do have the output level turned up). The setup easily fills out the lower range.

    Note that I have front, side and the roll hoop speakers. I make all the noise I need and frankly the sound quality is quite good.

    I didn’t want to give up a storage compartment.

    I haven’t ridden in a Sling with a sub under the seat or in the storage box so I don’t know if I am missing anything.

    Although, I have been considering adding the under seat sub just because I can, and it could be real obnoxious at a stop light! Don’t really need it but would be fun.


  • Thanks for the quick and honest response. I have so many different routes that I've considered, the stereo install has been on hold as I don't want to keep messing with it...I want a one and done approach to the Sling LOL I've come to value the opinion of forum members who've walked the path before me, as it saves me mistakes, time and money! So, I'm never shy about asking lol Thanks again.