Bolt Data requested by members

  • Okay so some have asked about the information on what bolts I changed out so here is the replacement data for some of the original hardware I wrote down :00006725:
    Caliper Bolts: 12mm x 1.75 40mm long
    Valve cover Bolts: 6mm x 1.00 30mm long
    Suspension depends on what brackets and mounts if not factory(55mm to 60mm long), threads on those are 10mm x 1.50
    Wish bones Bolts: These depend on your shims installed and can be 35mm to 65mm long, 10mm x 1.50(16)
    Water Tank Bolts: 8mm x 1.25 25mm long(2)
    Mirror Bolt: 8mm x 1.25 20mm long(2)
    Mirror base Bolts: 10mm x 1.5 25mm long(4)
    Hood latch Bolts: 8mm x 1.25 15mm long(8)
    Hood latch bracket Bolts: 8mm x 1.25 20mm long(4)
    Throttle Body Bolts: 6mm x 1.00 40mm long(4)
    Intake manifold hardware(uses nuts and bolts): 6mm x 1.00 35mm long and the same thread for the nuts(Tripod where are you,...I said nuts :00006725: )

    Of course measure after you take into account any changes that could also change the overall lengths such as shock mounts and brackets for latches.

    I also found most if not all hardware was installed dry and the body panel hardware @ 6mm x 1.00 had lots of corrosion and damaged threads when replaced. They all seemed to be installed with some powered tool that was far from calibrated, you may find some will break before leaving the home they were forced into :00008862: .
    These body fasteners can be 15mm to 20mm long without any drama but I prefer products like ti prep to reduce corrosion and galvanic action if you use aluminum or Titanium hardware another metal :00007510:
    SS hardware is another good alternative to get rid of the discount Bin Ace hardware thats factory installed

    Happy Thoughts gang, Hope it helps :00000156: