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    Testing how to work the Blog/Build

    There is a reason they called this model the titanium grey. Seems only fitting it should sport Ti everywhere possible

    Ugly axel needs a cover so this is my spin in Carbon fiber with Ti bolt :00007505:
    Seems pictures have vanished from the build pages but here is another for what its worth

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    Im more of a cave man so this is a picture blog to catch up to today!!

    The new planted brackets bolted right on and seat height was even but overall height was a bit extreme and will need some cutting to be happy for me :/

    Oil cooler installed and I am amazed how much everything runs with it in place. Sorry I waited so long to install it :thumbsup:
    On yet another note I have pulled the Planted brackets out to see how much work would be required to lower them and I think I have a much more solid solution. So simple even a caveman such as I can correct the issue. Only one slight issue is an adapter for the passenger side.
    Will share as I work out the kinks but lowers the entire assembly to Original if not a tad lower position with adjust ability.

    o I have slacked on some of the odds and ends so here is a bit of a follow up. I changed the fresh air from aluminum to Carbon tubing and have started on a carbon box,

    Then while I have been playing patient Painter sent me a blingy valve cover for the

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