New V2 1320 header and exhaust installed

  • Installed my V2 1320 header and exhaust Friday. I had some time to do some testing today on the exhaust and honestly I'm not impressed. Build quality looks good but sound is not good by any stretch. I tried all three baffles and ended up with the middle sized one. It doesn't have as bad of a drone that the largest one does which made it the best choice. However, often it sounds like a Ford Ranger with a glasspack.

    Changing out the baffles is not fun. It's not necessarily difficult as it is only two allen bolts however they are difficult to get to if the vehicle isn't on a lift. The real problem is that the muffler tip you put on lastly over the baffle is cut to a razor sharp edge. So when you're trying to get these two bolts out and back in you are praying it doesn't slit your wrist and I mean that very honestly.

    This isn't meant to be a bad review of 1320 as I love the headers. I'm just not sure anyone can make this motor sound decent...

  • Maybe I'm not the right guy to talk to since I went with a quiet exhaust (alpha side exit), but @STYLN has a pretty sexy set up. The problem is internet videos don't give that real world sound experience.

    Thanks for the plug @Cameron Roberts . Here are some pics of the new exhaust going on!

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  • So I tried the smallest baffle and am finally happy. There is no more drone and it is much quieter just cruising around. It is still loud under WOT but that is what I was going for so I'm a happy camper...

  • Rather than start a new thread, I just thought I'd post my question here...
    I got the 1320 header/exhaust combo the other day, installed at a gold dealership

    He didn't put any baffle in initially, because from the curb it sounds the cab...well...I might need dentures
    So I put the smallest baffle in and am pretty happy with the cabin sound

    My issue is with muffler mounting...
    Anybody having problems?
    I've seen on the forum 'which shall no be named' that people are doing all sorts of weird stuff to make this exhaust adding springs, etc...?
    I have a couple of issues
    1) Too low...the exhaust hangs a couple of inches lower than stock, which for my 4.5 in ride height scrapes...a lot...
    2) It looks like there's a wire welded to the exhaust to catch the frame to keep it from bouncing lower...?
    But most of the time mine misses the frame entirely...and the other times it *clangs* on it, which isn't much better

    Anybody having these issues, or found a good solution?

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