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  • Just can't get enough of how not to do it...

    The recommended way to remove these 'GPS' trackers is to drill thru the 'GPS' unit and the wheel so they are guaranteed not to work. For extra assurance, use a longer drill bit and drill thru the tire, too!:S;)

    Remember - It must be true because I saw it on the Internet!

  • You don't have to remove it. I checked on the interweb and it says to drive through a fire slowly. Having a GPS will then be the least of your problems

    Never be held prisoner to your past. It was a life lesson - NOT a life SENTENCE

  • Spring is here and the machines are coming out of hybernation. We are all heading out to kick up our wheels and straighten some roads. Get familiar again with your machines and keep it mild while checking for abnormalities.

    Keep in mind that Law Enforcement Officials will be more willing to step out of their vehicles and stretch their legs in route to your vehicle.

    If, however, you decide to go all "Maverick" and feel the "need for speed"...

    The following video will help you to determine if you have been regulated.

    Still funny as hell.

    Slingshot Flyer! Well, of course it's red...

  • Helpful tip of the day for the men.....

    If you wake up and see this in your kitchen. Get the flyswatter.

    The only means of pest control I can stomach.

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  • You do know that many years ago they made something almost like that, but the thumb wheel was in the middle of the handle. I have a non working model of it, that was just a chunk of rust when I found it. I have been looking for a working one every since, I have missed 2 of of them by less than a week.

    That’s pretty cool, Think we can organize a group buy?