Fuel smell from SS after turning off

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  • I get some exhaust smell in the house... but not really gas I don't think. I need to pay more attention. I do try to cut it off quickly soon as I back into the garage. I too have the 1320.


  • Never noticed it last year however after I back the SS in the garage it makes the whole house reek of gas. Anyone else get this? Can't remember if this was more evident after I installed the 1320 header or not.

    The (non CA) Slingshot fuel tank is vented directly to atmosphere ...being that you are in CO is your garage much warmer than the current outside temperature this time of year ..

    Wondering if it is the fuel heating up once you park inside ?

    I had this same problem with one of my past bikes that had a reserve tank ... I ended up having to put an emissions can I had taken off one of my Ducati's that had an integral check valve (zero suction, a few lbs on pressure vent) and charcoal filter to stop the gas smell....


    :REDSS: The ghost of SLingshot past ......

  • I need to get the Bob tune. Could be I have that much raw fuel not getting burned .

    Wouldn't an untuned ECU cause the engine to run lean? If the engine is breathing better, more air, and fuel stays the same, I would think lean, not rich. I could be wrong, lol.

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  • Seems like I discovered where the raw fuel smell was coming from. Last night I had the hood up doing some work and when I turned the ignition on I seen fuel leaking from one injector going into the DDMWorks center fuel rail. I installed that a few months ago and never seen it leak after the install. The thicker orange o-ring on the end got pinched.
    There are I think four o-rings total to each of the four injectors. One needs to be a bit careful to make sure everything is seated and sealed correctly.