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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    VERY Happy to hear of the Results with the R-Shot Mesh Windscreen. I really do work at having instructions that are CRYSTAL CLEAR... and I LOVE Pictures LOL - thanks again for your business, enjoy this summers rides.


    That will be good until you hit a pothole and the nine iron bounces out and goes through somebody’s windshield

    Don’t forget to yell 4.......

    And that is why we go through R&D prior to release and ... take certain precautions like a bag hood covers over the clubs, and tether the bag down etc.

    Still in R&D but Coming Soon    

    For those who are golfers, ready your sticks.  R-Shot Accessories is excited about the upcoming release of the Golf Bag Bracket that will allow you to strap your “Carry style / Stand bag” on your Slingshot.   Developed for the driver’s side rear tub – it will accommodate a full set of clubs in a bag.    Although we are still in test phase, we look forward to bringing this out for the golf enthusiast who want to ride there Slingshot to the courses.   This kit will come with one aluminum powder coated bracket, 4 long straps, a safety line aircraft cable, all necessary hardware and PAC hood for the clubs that helps keep your sticks clean when transporting them. This kit does require two small holes to be drilled into the plastic, but also comes with two push pin black plugs to cover these holes for when golf season is over - simple remove the bracket and push in these push pins provided for a factor look. As testing goes on, the bracket will be able to carry the weight of 27lbs....  Most clubs in a "CARRY STYLE or STAND BAG" seem to be around 25lbs.   Stay tuned and visit us at   Here is a few preliminary pictures – will add more pics as time goes on. THANKS

    Ahh, Man! I'm not sure if I should really like this or not. I just bought mine last week pre-sale. ;( Where's the beating my head against a wall smilie?

    Get'em while you can!

    So sorry about that.... Tell you what.. if you order any other products in the future... Let me know prior and I will take care of the shipping cost. Just reference this and message me ahead of time.


    Hey rabtech and slopoke , does it count as "today's mod" if I haven't done it yet? This is this weekend's plan - last box just arrived minutes ago. I'm gonna have lots of cardboard to get rid off too.

    Let's play Find Waldo. Here's the list of stuff. You find it in the picture:

    • Stereo
    • Amplifier
    • Dash Cam
    • Front and Rear Cams (yes, 3 separate cams)
    • Front speaker pods
    • Rear speaker pods
    • Amp Wiring kit
    • Head unit mount
    • Head unit wiring kit
    • 4 Speakers
    • Mesh Wind Restrictor
    • 5000 Watt Inverter (Not going in the sling, going in the trailer for the sling)
    • Cell Phone mount
    • 2 Access doors (Again, for the trailer, not sling)
    • Front upper and lower brow LED lights
    • Oh, and 2 decals that say "Objects in Mirror are LOSING!"

    NICE... that looks like a LOT of work... BUT the good thing is the R-SHOT Mesh Windscreen is a less than 20 min. installation :thumbsup:

    Good lord you have been BUSY... Looking good!!

    ......Now I feel like I'm driving something more aggressive and sounding like it too.......the baffles we're about 5-1/2 long , so I cut them at the half way mark on both . I'll drive with it that way for about a week to determine if I want to cut any more on the baffles or leave em........Also got my new Mesh windscreen, Love it..........Now I need a top to please the Boss

    That Mesh Windscreen looks AWESOME... I must add... :thumbsup: sorry I had to do a shameless additional plug ;)

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it brother!

    Got my windscreen this afternoon that @Irobbi is making to fit the Slingshade. Came well packaged and great instructions, as usual. Install was easy and I really like the looks of it with the Slingshade. The Black color blends in well and it looks like it part of the Slingshade. Thanks @Irobbi, it was just what I was looking for. I will be taking it out tomorrow and will report back on how it works with the air circulation and noise reduction.

    Thanks - so happy that you like it. I really do enjoy doing this. It’s very hard to please all customers and make every customer happy ... believe me it’s not easy. So I SAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH!