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  • There may be a picture of my fog lights in my build section. I should have took a picture of the bracket when I had them off.

  • Damn! All my friends have checked you out.

  • Did you understand that about the NANNIES?

    • Yeah, I think everyone's referring to the traction control switch. Never heard it called nannies, is that a nickname or something? Also, you sent me a friend request, but I don't know how to accept it...

    • A Nanny is someone who looks out for you and helps keeping you from making mistakes when you do not know how to take care of yourself.. As to the friend request I think you just click on the message.

    • You will not hear any of the new people on here talking about the Nannies, just us old guys. At least the ones that are always pushing the limits. Ghost and I did almost 400 miles in the rain, at and around Maggie Valley a couple years ago. Left out at 8 AM and got back to the motel at 6 PM gas stops only. No one else rode that day, pouring rain all day.

    • Uncle Sam's canoe club, submarine service. 1966-70

    • Glad to see kid's today joining the service's, if they had not done away with the draft the USA would be a different place today. Tell him I said "THANK YOU"