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  • Just wondering. Did you have to drill many holes yo mount that good looking wire mesh, or did you come up with another way to secure it?

    • Thank you! Follow this thread #234 in “ What was today’s projects mods and goodies”

      We have put over 4000 miles on the sling since I did this and it hasn’t moved in inch so real happy with it. However I think glassing it in may not be some people‘s cup of tea.

      Let me know if you need anything else 🙂

    • Thank you for the reply. I'll check out the thread.

    • again if you need any help on this let me know. This is a difficult area because you only have two sides of support. And I needed to fashion a way that the wire would not separate on the outer edge. Check out my thread on this and hopefully it will be self-explanatory

  • Hey bud I noticed the storage bags on your SS. Can you add closer pics on them and how they install on the SS. interested in them so can you tell me where you got them from. Are they worth the price too. TIA

    • Thank you! I don't know how to attach a picture to this reply... Crazy as you can do it on the forum. My email is send me an email and I will send you the pictures I have. These are motorcycle bags off of my Bike. I have had them for about 10 years now and put them on the sling for a trip thinking they would come right off. Liked them so much they are now a part of the sling! I made my own brackets out of 1/8" aluminum stock. There are a lot of brackets out there for the roll bars but I wanted ones that were as close to invisible as possible and still hold on tight. There were times when I thought for the time I spent on them I should have bought them but very happy with how they turned out and I like tinkering with this stuff anyway. They are held on by one small bungie cord and a large velcro strip on the bracket and bag. Very easy to get on and off. if you are interested in how I did it email me and I will go into detail and give you the heads up on what I ran into and hopefully your project will go faster than mine!

    • Emailed you . Thank you

    • check your email 😎

  • If you're ever up Bakersfield way give me a call,always looking for people to ride with.

    • Will do and likewise! We are thinking of a Yosemite run perhaps in July or August. Perhaps we could catch up on the way by?

    • I can see it would be about an hours drive for you but we will be doing Wrightwood again in the next month or so will keep you posted. It’s an awesome ride. Looks like you have some nice territory as well where you are

    • Thanks for the reply,just looking at your pics,never been on that ride,love to go.

    • Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner,but I've got this damn hay fever and it's kicking my ass.
      My home number is 661 867 2059

    • Hope you feel better soon! When these winds kick up everybody gets a little taste of that !

  • I know it sounds crazy but PAM cooking spray. Just spray a thin coat and after a ride just wipe em off easy peezy then reapply PAM. When bugs die off rewax. When were you in this part of the world ??

    • Spent 6 years working in the Gulf doing deep saturation underwater rig and pipeline construction. Best part was meeting my wife there. Lived in New Iberia and Morganshitty!

    • Lots a good coonass women here - fished mine outta the swamp also !!! MORGANSHITTY !!! LMAOROF!! You sure nailed that - only place worse IMO is Venice - if God was gonna give the world an enema that’s where he would stick the nozzle in !!

    • I heard about the Pam thing. But the most I remember about those bugs is never to put your windshield wipers on. Love the people in that neck of the woods. Have extended family in Columbia and Monroe. Don’t miss the heat or humidity though.

    • Are used to catch crew boats out of just about all of those places. Everywhere from Grand Isle to port Arthur

    • Used to leave out of Cameron too but Katrina took care of that