Cutting the cord

  • Tried Consumer Cellular for about 3 months. Bought their smart phone. Worked great in and near cities. Not so much in the boonies.

    Went back to Verizon.

    I've had Sprint for years, but every motorcycle wreck I've had has been in a no-signal area! I now live about 3 miles off I-45 and my cell signal at the house is not very good. If I'm on WiFi, I have trouble downloading text messages and have to disconnect WiFi to get messages. Sprint has improved over the years, but T-Mobile/Sprint still has a ways to go for good coverage.

  • I don't seem to have any connection issues with t-mobile and been using them for about a year now. Only connection as I am writing and posting this.

    in the end the only thing that matters with cell service is will it work it the majority of places you will need/want it - - it doesn't matter if a service has be largest coverage area in the country if the places you live and work are in dead zones

    we were on AT&T for years they have some of the best coverage here in my area, unfortunatly here at my home the service sucked - had to walk outside and stand in the back corner of the yard to make a reliable call - - - switched to T-Mobile and the problem is gone

    In the end there is no one best cell provider one that is great where I need it could very well suck where you would need it - - you have to do the research and talk to people where you will be needing it to figure it out

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  • In the boonies of Brooksville FL; AT&T is kind. Had T-mobile for over a year; didn't get reception in the house so they sent a signal boost, sort of a mini cell tower, that worked great. Leaving my house, wasn't great. With AT&T we would be shocked when we entered an area without coverage, with T-Mobile it was the opposite, we were shocked when we had coverage.