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    I can't seem to find a discount tire store in my area. When I do a search for Discount Tire all I get is Don foshay's Discount Tire. Don't know if they popped up because they had Discount Tire in their name or if they are an actual Discount Tires store

    Thanks for all the replies. Next time I'll try Discount Tire. Not worried about having them Jack up the sling. But I just bought new lugs from slingmods.

    Where do you people get your tires changed to ensure the rims aren't damaged? I took mine to Tire Warehouse and when I came home later on I went to check the tire pressure and saw one of the spokes on the rear wheel was cracked all the way through. I really think they did it but they claim they did not and said they would refer it to the regional manager. But I don't think I'll see any money from it. I was not really upset because I wanted to have some custom wheels put on anyway which I just ordered the other day from RevDynamics. But my real concern is when it's time to change the tires on my new rims where do I get them changed without people screwing them up? VIP refused to do the change stating they had issues before with slingshot. :(

    Yeah, I'm not an aggressive Rider at all so I never found the kenda's lacking grip. that's why I'm not too concerned about the tires I run. I'm more in the longevity then grip. And I haven't been caught too many down pours.

    I actually think they broke my wheel spoke which the mechanic denied. They said they would put in a claim with the district manager. I really don't expect anything from them. I never liked the wheels that much so it was a good excuse to buy new rims.

    well I just broke the rear wheel spoke must have been hitting that humongous pothole. So I just ordered a set a new rims from rev Dynamics with Lexani Tires. I never really liked the OEM rims to begin with.

    Cheap isn’t always the best option. Especially with how squirrely a SS can get in a hurry.

    I hear would you say but price doesn't always signify quality. I get OEM kenda's online without the slingshot name on it for $97 instead of 300 at the dealer. I like the Kendas. I got 21k out of it and I had three sets of them on the rear but thought I'd give it a try to this one since all the reviews I can find were positive.

    just replaced rear tire with Achilles ATR Sport High Performance Tire - 255/35ZR20 97W. Paid $68.00 for tire and 24.37 to mount & balance. Curious to see how it works out.

    Got 21k from my Kenda.

    okay made an appointment with my dealer. Of Course it did not make the noise when I was going down even though it has been making grinding noise for two weeks. Dealer checked tension on belt AMD alignment everything checked out no charge. I bought this new in December 2014 and all's I can say there are weird things that happen to it unexplainable. Except for my jcase meltdown which left me stranded couple years ago. So here I am again 61,000 left looking for an excuse to upgrade to a new one but there's no reason to. I don't have any interest in the navigation system

    well I'm proven wrong again. Got it on the lift took off the belt guard spun the wheel it's definitely the belt needs adjustment. Problem is the book shows there's a hole in the back of the passenger compartment to reach the adjustment nut but guess what it isn't there on the 2015 and I don't feel like drilling a hole at the moment.