Best Paint for "Polaris" logo on front of SS

  • The master Painter did mine. I believe he drills small holes so filler will adhere to the plastic and then he smooths it out and paints it

    You are correct Sir! I’m back from a month of riding in Nova Scotia and all the rough roads up there!

    I scuff up the area with 80 grit, drill a bunch if 1/8” holes, clean it well and press “Fiber Fill” (a fiberglass impregnated filler) into the letters allowing it to “key” through the holes. I smooth out the excess on the inside, let it dry then sand smooth as possible. Then I clean with acetone which makes the glass filler a bit sticky and mix up a bit of catalyst filler and apply. Let dry and sand smooth, epoxy prime and paint.

    The hardest part is getting the nose cover off as everything else has to come off first!