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    Decided that I did not want to live in the hustle and bustle of Cali. I thought that I wanted to live in the big city. WRONG! I live in the best place on the East coast, we have 5 rivers and the woods and do not forget living in a coastal area. It is just starting to get crazy with all of the Damn Yankee's moving in and they want to make it just like the place they moved out of. :cursing::cursing:

    So true! If you move because of the crazy :00008862: things your state is doing then change or leave your "crazy" :00007863: issues behind! Don't bring that crap with you, vote that way and then complain "crazy":00007505: stuff is happening again. It's just CRAZY!:00007956:

    If it were me I would already have moved out. Family and safety is more important

    FunCycle I have gone through the entire process here in Ca. and trust me - this house is protected.

    I am blessed to live in a very safe and great town. If ANYTHING happens in Corona it is not unusual to see 2-4 Panda's show up in a matter of minutes. They are on it!

    This state, like many others usually only gets the "if it bleeds it leads" news. There are lots of "cracks" showing up in the lefts veneer. This state and its government will do ANYTHING to protect its left status. If and I hope when Ca goes "right" the left will come crumbling down and any hopes of governing on a national level will be gone. This states electoral votes are all important to any hope for the left.

    California is not all Hollywood, San Fran or LA. Those places get a lot of press but the rest of the state is full of great people and places to go and see. The sling is helping us out with that! :)

    Red When it comes to guns there are some green shoots sprouting up in some places here in California. Needles looking to become a sanctuary gun city and San Diego with weapons and 10+ magazines are a few good examples. This state used to be conservative back in the day - the pendulum is tweeted so far left now we are due for some sanity. Time will tell.....

    Ok here is an update on these wheels

    Honestly I expected something was not right - But I got a tracking number and a box delivered via FED Ex 2 days later. I opened the box and there they were exactly what I ordered except there were only 2 not 4. I marched back into the house ready to call and complain until I checked my inbox to find a tracking number for the second box.

    All I can say is I highly recommend this site for wheels..Not sure if everything has the same savings but I am a happy pup so far. Checked fit and all looks good. Time to order some new BFG's

    That’s the lowest profile tire I have ever seen 😜

    While not as cheap as venting using shop vac hose or similar, I have the best of both worlds now. With the MadStad windshield I have (7", I don't think they make it any longer, but 9" would probably be better) if I have it lowered I only get wind in the forehead up for the most part and the heat stays in the foot wells. If I raise it up to the highest position (about 2" higher), the way they have the wind channeled it sucks out much the heat from the foot wells. I would guess at highway speeds, at least around a 60% reduction in heat when the shield is up. I am amazed how well it works! I may run something else for later in fall and early in the spring, but once it starts getting warm out thru when winter starts to show up.... it will forever be my "go to" shield.

    I had not seen one of those before- interesting design. Adjustable too!🙂

    WTG EjFord ! There are times when I lament the heat and there are times I am grateful for it. Have thought about doing something like this for quite some time , perhaps someday. Planning a trip in November to death Valley but will be grateful for the heat coming through at that time.