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Attention Vendors. Please email any instruction manuals you may have for your products. They will be added to the FILEBASE tab for members to access.

    I am happy SoCal has solved his problem with changing the Black Box. I still want to have folks that are adding LEDs to their Turn Signal system to understand the Flasher Module. There is a chance that a black box change will not fix the problem. I am offering my solution of a fail safe solution, a resistor, 2 watt 100 ohms. Look at my ordering infor in previous post.

    I am talking to the members and new owners that have tried everything and nothing works. Good Luck. I think maybe TricLED has added resistance to the Black Box after reports of failures, if you have these lights, I would try getting an upgraded Driver Module, that is what the Black Box is called. If your are adding your own design LEDs then you may want to pay close attention to the Flasher Module description and adding the resistor if you have problems.

    Bigdog it will be good to hear your results of adding the resistor. As you do the add, please let me know if you have any questions. We need to know how the resistor works for a failure with switchback and sequential light systems. I am looking for a solution to any adds to the turn signal system. I can testify they worked for my application.

    thank you Sam. When I spoke to TricLED I was the Second person of their knowledge since inception to have this issue. Not a bad track record. Not saying there were not others it’s just that I am the second to contact them directly.

    SoCal , did they mention anything about adding resisters? Or was it....they just thought it was faulty black boxes?

    I’m waiting for an order of resisters to get here.....I’m going to start with adding a 100 ohm resister in the line after all my add on lights and before the flasher. Before I go with a faulty black box.

    Nothing about Resisters - in short this is what the conversation was like...

    The left side set up was and is working just fine - always has. The right as we know was not. The set up is really just light strip, black box. and connectors. That's it. I changed out the "black box" as mentioned and yesterday another 200+ mile day of putting on the blinkers every lane change and corner and another day of flawless operation. Thats 400 miles since replaced and no issues.

    I think it is just that simple for my experience. Sometimes things break or fail. TricLED as I said stepped up in a big way and solved this with the new Black Box.

    I can see how if you have multiple lights in a system you can overload things but that is above my pay grade. I appreciate what Sam was saying but in my lack of knowledge I ordered resisters that were to small wattage it would seem. I wish you luck in your ongoing issue and will look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I feel your pain! I have 140 miles underneath my belt with no issues so far however the future is unknown. If both lights failed it would’ve been something different I believe. However only having the right side fail and the left side still stock and going strong and well for over a year gives me confidence.

    we shall see....

    140 miles today. NO signal issues! Sweet!

    THANK YOU TricLED for standing behind your product right up to if not just over the warranty, good advice and quick delivery. Over and above service! New module nailed it.

    Also to you samowens44 for jumping in with valuable advice and time. Great forum, people and vendors!

    If only you contacted TricLed in the beginning, perhaps you could have saved yourself al the work and aggravation

    In hindsight yes, BUT time and time again sometimes in what I considered an emergency at the time, many on this forum jumped right in and offered valuable help. So perhaps yes I should have contacted the good people at TricLED first but this forum seems to be my default setting...8)

    Well my package from tricLED showed up in the mail today. Two days early, two modules, AND they also included ALL of the electrical connections. Just wish I had the time to install it, perhaps tomorrow. I will install the module and do another long run on Saturday and let everyone know.

    Couldn’t be happier with the service Ive received from them regardless of the outcome.😎