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    This is rather deep but my father and I had some good conversations on Plato and Socrates, and "THE CAVE". Here is a link if you wish to indulge.

    As it pertains to this conversation - If you are brave enough to seek truth what do you do with it should you find it? Move forward, ignore, retreat to your comfort zone, or dare to reexamine your previous "truths" and perhaps change/grow?

    Now I am going to examine the weather for my weekend - not where the protests / riots are ride!8)

    Mistrust breeds cynicism and rightfully so. OUR government IMO needs to be reeled in and trimmed down.

    It ( government ) has become self aware like AI and exists for itself not the people. We get what we vote for. Times only change when it becomes uncomfortable.

    Coming soon to a neighborhood near you - ANTIFA planning to move riots to suburbs?

    who's ready for this?

    You got that right....

    Much of the worry stems from the notion that many in well-armed, suburban, and rural neighborhoods won't hesitate to exercise their Second Amendmentrights and elevated anxieties could lead to heavy confrontation.

    "Antifa knows this," said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. "Local and state authorities have to get a grip on this because if it moves to the suburbs, more people will die."

    Hey SoCal - - have you had any trouble in your immediate area? - - so far we have been good down here, I suspect the out of town agitators probably like higher profile locations than here - - that and the fact all of our hotels are still closed giving them no place to stay probably helps

    As a side I do have to admit that I love the isolation from the bigger metropolitan areas that we get living here - - - a$$ holes dont want to drive this far when they can make trouble closer to home :/

    No not really. In my town if there is a jaywalker 5 Panda's show up. This is a no BS town here much like yours.

    Got this from my daughter and I guess some kiddo's wanted to get in the action. Full on support them but they better mind their P's and Q's or it won't end well.

    The police have closed off major exits to Corona and are more than ready I would say. Sams Club and the big box stores are closed now early. I have to say I really hope it never comes to my street and I can talk big and all but I am "ready" so to speak.

    Told my daughter to call me if she goes to her boyfriends house and not here after work. She may be better off there as he has "better" Chit than I do;)

    Well said WOLF

    The good part is this... More and more as time goes by those that harbor hatred are having to say and express themselves "under their breath" because society has deemed that behavior and thought process unacceptable, because it is. As long as there are people on this planet there will be idiots and bigots, and racists. Each generation must educate their children on the futility and ignorance that comes with that ideology.

    I could be completely wrong however I don’t think race relations are anywhere near as bad as they used to be. However there are those unfortunately, to put it mildly, who see power in division hatred and bigotry. No matter what color they are they must be denounced and exposed in my opinion. Much of this rioting seems to be planned and orchestrated - not organic. Protest is our right; rioting, destruction, and death are not.
    Democracy can and is messy however we have a structure to deal with this. I fear there is much much more behind the curtain that is orchestrating this.

    George Floyd‘s death was tragic and should be fully investigated no matter where it leads. However I feel there are many that are using this tragedy for their own insidious means. Time will tell.

    I can't believe what's happening right now in Los Angels, Santa Monica, San Diego and other California cities. NO business is safe at the moment. As I type this, I'm watching an REI Store in Santa Monica being cleaned out! Edward Neal  SoCal hope you guys aren't anywhere near any of this crap!

    Thank you and yes. We went to my cousin’s house today for a graduation party through the Angels National Forest. Great Ride and snow still at 8k level.
    My cousin is an LA PD Sargent and all his buddies were there so felt safe🙂

    Then all the BS started and we left to get out of LA at 5:20 to beat the curfew and head back over the mountains at Pasadena. Crazy S&@t! So is it the riot curfew or the COVIT19 lock down we should observe? Idiots run this place!

    Home safe now ...

    The inmates are running the asylum!