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    wjfyfe thanks for the reply and all good suggestions. I have a 2019 and never really paid much attention to the alternator location on my 2016. That would definitely make a difference however mine are very accessible and it worked like a charm. With any luck I will never have to do it again😎

    And I have one of those newfangled supposed to be all that yellow batteries and it wouldn’t even light the starter button light so yeah it was dead as a hammer but thankfully back from the dead🙂

    SoCal - I just want to say thank you for starting this thread - - With my Slingshot being my daily driver it has never gone more than 2 weeks at most without being driven and I have never had any need for a battery tender, but with my full time retirement coming soon and my wife's and my plans to travel that is going to change - - - thanks to this post of yours I will now be prepared when that time comes

    tender and power port plug adapter have been ordered


    Congratulations on transitioning ( I hate the word retirement) to new adventures!

    NEVER has my SS sat for a month since having one. Having company and multiple unexpected ( but good) things crop up last month combined with my new “death recorder” install attributed to my battery demise. Battery says it’s full and I now unplug the DR so hopefully smooth sailing from now on 😎

    But….. riding season is here!!

    Death Valley/Vegas already booked for our 35th the week before Thanksgiving 😎

    in the meantime looking for a good “barn”!

    I gave up looking for the "Perfict" roll type bags. I want to leave them on all the time. Most were made for motorcycles were the fitment wasn't as critical. For the slingshot The depth was either too shallow or too deep or they were just too wide. Yours look good and appear to allow easy fueling. When you get the time would appreciate if you could pass along your bag measurements. I'm assuming the on this bag the depth is 10.25 (they list it as width).

    Saddlemen 3503-0054 Desperado Express Tail Bag Black, 16" L x 10.25" W x 12.5" H


    Let us know how things work out.

    Turned on the Guard Dog and the starter red button would not even light. Jumped it with my truck and let her run for 30 minutes then put it on the trickle charger overnight. Started and ran flawlessly all day yesterday. Trickle charger last night ran great all day today. Alternator shows just over 13 volts when running. When off just a tad under 12.
    I installed this dash cam one month ago and have it always on. Hard to believe it killed my battery but this is the only change so must have. Haven’t ridden for a month, to busy to hot. Seriously don’t except this to happen.

    When putting it on the charger today the charger went from red to flashing green to solid green les than 4 minutes indicating a full charge. Sweet!
    Might have dodged a bullet on this one.

    we shall see…

    All replies are welcome and appreciated but Dave@DDMWorks jumped in first and ya really can’t do much better in my eyes 🙂

    My First attempt at the forum with an issue was when my brake lights and failure light started popping up in my first sling. The amount of help I got and how immediate it was was really humbling and impressive .

    It’s alive!

    Once again this forum never ceases to amaze me! I am so grateful. We shall see how my charge is in the morning.😎

    Can I jump my slingshot by putting the hot lead from my truck jumper cables to the red post on the alternator and then the black to the ground on the motor?

    This way I don’t have to pull the whole battery compartment apart.