Bullet Speed Vented Hood - Thermal Analysis

  • A couple of weeks ago, I changed over from a stock "non-vented" hood to a vented hood using the Bullet Speed Hood insert....

    Below is some documentation concerning this:

    I installed my Bullet Speed Vented Hood Insert purchased from SlingMods!

    Love the Look, and hopefully the added heat removal!

    Youtube video: https://youtu.be/DTaTTDkHX_0

    Then I conducted a Thermal Infrared analysis of my 2018 GT with a new Bullet Speed Vented Hood Insert after an aggressive 7 mile drive in 90 Degree F outside temps.

    Really wanted to see how much this vent assists with removing heat from under the hood... My conclusion is that it works!

    The images under the hood is focused on the stock manifold and cover. (Machine is Factory Stock), Today I ordered a Welter FSX and a Full Blown Header, and may share the results from this upgrade later.

    The analysis also includes the tires / wheels, and wheel bearing thermal results (and yes, my rear tire was low on pressure causing an interesting thermal result).

    This is an Adobe PDF File... Enjoy

  • That is pretty bad ass! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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  • That is pretty cool indeed! My first mod was Stealth Hood Vent Heat Extractor from Slingmods and your results makes me feel like it was a good purchase.

    Thank you for sharing the information!

    I also just ordered Custom headers, down pipe and R&D Thermal exhaust from them and hope to have them installed by end of August.

    Very excited to hear the new sound and see if there is a noticeable performance gain.

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